The addy iOS App is Here!

The addy app available in the App Store

We at addy are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of our game-changing, barrier-busting, super fun iOS app! Here’s what you need to know.

addy Mobile iOS app

addy’s mobile iOS app is now available to Canadians, as we continue to break down barriers to real estate investing. Using the addy app, Canadians over the age of majority can invest in institutional-grade commercial real estate deals for as little as $1, get notified when a property drops, connect with the growing community on Discord and unlock the new addyverse (a digital twin of all of your addy investments).

Features of the addy app

addy will continually add new improvements and perks to its app in response to feedback from members. At launch, the app has the following features and functions:

  • Invest in institutional-grade commercial real estate in Canada;
  • Opt in to notifications for every property that drops on addy platform so that you never miss out on an investment opportunity;
  • Invest $1-$1500 per property (members can invest in as many properties as they want);
  • No fee transactions;
  • Learn about investing in real estate as you go;
  • Access to the addyverse – a digital twin of all of a member’s investments made
  • Available on iOS

Investing with the addy app

Real estate investment has traditionally been complicated, prohibitively expensive and inaccessible to most people. addy streamlines the entire process and makes investing in real estate more accessible to Canadians. There are no minimum investment requirements – members can start investing with just $1. A new member can open an account and make their first investment within minutes.

“We wanted to bring the accessible investing experience we’re known for closer to our members through a mobile app,” said Micheal Stephenson, CEO and co-founder of addy. “From your palm, you can now invest in a commercial complex, business park, or apartment building alongside thousands of other community members. We are thrilled to offer Canadians a simple and fun way to start building their financial future with real estate.”

Investing influencer and addy fan Zac Hartley got a chance to review the addy app – check out his thoughts in the video below.

Invest with addy

addy has listed 25 properties and counting on the addy platform and has raised over $10 million from thousands of Canadians, with a total asset value of nearly $500 million. Residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec over the age of the majority can become an addy member for $25/year. Shares in the property are available to qualified members on the addy platform. Members can decide how much they want to invest.

What’s more, existing members can refer a friend to enlist and both parties will earn $25 in their addy wallet to put towards any investment. It’s a great way to grow our crowdfunding community and help you continue, or simply start, your real estate investment journey.

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