Real estate investing just got a whole lot more accessible thanks to our new addy app

There’s an analogy I keep coming back to when I try to explain what a healthy real estate investing portfolio should look like.

Think of a city: it begins with people. They build homes in desirable areas close to parks and schools. Then grocery stores, cafes and shops soon crop up nearby. Businesses set up shop in higher-density areas.

Cities are like a healthy ecosystem –– and real estate portfolios should be the same way. All of these buildings with different purposes are interconnected, each one serving the whole community, it’s the concept of diversification brought to life.

The problem is, when we talk about investment, too many people are left out of the conversation. Investing isn’t typically taught in schools and the traditional way it’s learned — through dry economic facts — doesn’t resonate with most people. The numbers, jargon and a historic elitism keep far too many people on the sidelines instead of active participants.

I’m excited to say we’re on a mission to make real estate investing more accessible and improve financial literacy, one addy member at a time. This week, we’re dropping our new addy app to make it easier than ever for our members to hear about drops and invest in commercial Canadian real estate properties for as little as $1.

There’s so much to be excited about with this release! It’s Canada’s first crowdfunded real estate investing app. From the palm of their hands, our members can now invest in a commercial complex, business park or apartment building alongside thousands of other community members.

But our members’ investment portfolios will be brought to life thanks to the addyverse. In these virtual communities, people will have the opportunity to see principles of investment through microinteractions that mimic real world experiences. That visual representation and context will give investors more insight into what they’re actually doing with their dollars.

Every time our members invest in a new property, they’ll see their cities actually grow. Instead of intangible stocks and bonds, in the addyverse, members will be able to see the importance of concepts like diversification, keep tabs on how many residents live in the properties they own shares in, and learn investing 101 in a simple, fun way.

I’m so proud of our team for leaning into the fun in creating this addyverse (with input from our members, of course). I know this will go a long way in building better investors. Not just that, but I can’t wait to see people who’ve felt locked out of the housing market get to experience a pride of ownership because they realize how many people they’re helping provide housing to, how many people are employed at the business they bought into.

And I’m beyond excited to see new cities – healthy, diverse ecosystems – start popping up.

Start building your city in the addyverse today!

5 thoughts on “Real estate investing just got a whole lot more accessible thanks to our new addy app

  1. Kimberley Vlasak says:

    I have a Samsung Android Smartphone. Is there an Addy application for Android users? I know we are ancient but we are still around? Let me know.

  2. Kendall says:

    It would be extremely advantageous to create NFT’s with our fractional purchases and literally have that NFT represent our ownership in the digital equivalent of that property in the Metaverse.

    If well thought out and implemented, It could potentially provide a secondary marketplace as well.

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