New addy Feature: Upgrade Your Membership to Invest More

As the addy community continues to grow, we’re rolling out a new feature for our dedicated Believer Members. Those who subscribe to this tier can now invest up to $3,000 CAD towards a single property, double the previous limit of $1,500. In addition to this raised ceiling, Believer members will continue to enjoy $1,500 in Instant Funds, 100% Money-Back Guarantee on their membership and other special perks, including invites to addy events.

Charter Members will continue to be able to invest up to $1,500 towards a property and will continue to have access to $500 in Instant Funds. As always, all addy members are offered the chance to participate in fractional real estate through our crowdfunding platform.

What’s more, there is no risk of an addy property not reaching its funding: we work with the General Partner on each opportunity to ensure the drop amount will be fully funded. That means every dollar you put towards a property -whether it’s a single dollar or up to $3,000 for Believers, goes towards that property.

Upgrading your membership

If you’re a Charter Member and wish to upgrade, get in touch with us and we’ll take care of you right away. For those who aren’t yet members, the sign-up process is quick and easy. Joining the addy community only takes a few minutes, and once you’re in, you can start investing right away.

4 thoughts on “New addy Feature: Upgrade Your Membership to Invest More

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    adding beneficiaries is necessary for Registered Accounts because they are really not held by you but held in trust four you. Your addy shares are owned by you directly like a car or furniture or a small business you run. Assets held directly by you are dealt with in your will, or in the absence of a will, under applicable provincial legislation

  2. Cameron Rogers says:

    I’ve been super happy with the perks of Believer membership. The increased investment limit per property is just the latest bonus. Gives a lot more flexibility for investing in the best deals.

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