Oxford Properties Fireside Chat: Democratizing Real Estate Investing

Oxford Properties holds monthly fireside chats for their employees, platform businesses and partners to learn more about what’s hot in the real estate space.

In June’s Tech Fireside Chat, Oxford invited Rob Richards, Co-founder & CEO of Key, and Stephen Jagger, Co-founder of addy, for a conversation discussing how startups are using technology to make real estate investing more accessible and democratizing investing in residential and commercial sectors.  

Alice Guo, Manager, Tech Strategy & Planning employee at Oxford Properties Group was the host for the event and navigated a conversion between both guests as well as the participates online.


The conversation flipped back and forth between Rob Richards of Key and Stephen Jagger of addy answering questions about how their businesses worked, what makes them different and how they work with real estate firms.


Key describes themselves as “a Toronto-based real estate technology company founded in 2018. Key has developed the world’s first all-digital, on-demand homeownership platform. With Key’s patent-pending model, aspiring renters can become homeowners many years sooner.

Essentially Key enables people to get into a new type of homeownership through a rent to own type relationship.


addy is very different from what Key offers as addy is focused on enabling everyone to invest into institutional grade commercial real estate. The addy platform enables members to choose a property they are interested in owning a piece of and facilitating them to become an owner for as little as $1.00.

How addy works

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