July Property Updates

Here’s a roundup of this month’s property updates:

29 Harriet, Hamilton, ON

Forge & Foster, the General Partner of 29 Harriet in Hamilton, shared some interesting news on their website. An article in the Hamilton Spectator highlighted a new tenant in the building! A half year after opening a brand new digital studio on James North, Centre[3] is moving its textile studio into 29 Harriet. It won’t just be the textile studio. Centre[3] will begin other activities in the new space as well, many of them possibly dovetailing with the arts of movie and television production in Hamilton (Source)

Mapleview Heights Apartments, Mission, BC

Please check out the latest drone video of the project as at June 2022:

Riverpark Suites, Calgary , AB

Riverpark is expecting a development approval shortly from the City of Calgary.

The address of the property will be changing to 188 1 Street SW! We will also be expecting a new rendering soon as the GP continues with engineering and building design.

Down the road, the GP will organize a shovel ceremony and will let us know when the date is fixed.

J.S. Colton Fox Building, Vernon, BC

The GP closed the property at the end of April so the GP was able to collect rents for May and June, and the GP also added that there are no changes to the tenants. The GP also made sure that tenants pay rent into the correct account, made the first mortgage payment, and did some regular day-to-day tasks.

The GP also got utilities sorted out, the hydro account for the property was on the higher commercial rate, but the GP was able to switch it to the residential rate and helping us save some money each year. Thank you!

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