We’re on the move!

US launch blog post

Since we began our mission at addy —  to make owning property accessible to everyone  —  we’ve come a long way. In just two years, we’ve enabled thousands of Canadians to own property for an average investment of $346 across almost 30,000 transactions. Together we’ve invested into 26 properties for a total asset value of $451M+. 

We know we’ve been quiet for the past couple of months and that’s because we’ve been working on some exciting new developments.

First, we’re happy to share that the next two property drops are in the works! Both are multi-family properties, and both are located in Alberta. The reason it’s taking us longer than usual is because the macroeconomic environment is lengthening our due diligence process. As you know, we are committed to achieving a win-win deal for our members and our General Partners. So sit tight just a little bit longer! We’ll start dripping out teasers on our social channels soon.

Second, we’re excited to announce our expansion into the USA, bringing the ownership revolution across the border! At launch, Canadians won’t be able to invest in American properties, but it is our vision to allow Canadians to invest in American properties and vice-versa. You can support our launch into the US by referring friends or family to us who live there — we will give you a referral bonus of $25 for every person you refer who becomes a member. You’ll notice that we now have two websites: addyinvest.ca is for our Canadian members and addyinvest.com is for our American friends.

Our vision of making property ownership accessible to everyone regardless of their race, age, or financial status is unwavering. We are honoured that so many of you have joined the movement, and the best is yet to come.

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