Is addy a Scam?

Our friends at REW (aka Real Estate Works) profiled addy with a four part video series digging into what addy is, meeting on site with one of our General Partners, speaking with a couple of our members and asking them questions about their experience with addy including asking if they think addy is a scam?  (hint: it’s not, we are legit)


Part 1 – What is addy?

In the opening video, content creator Stephen Tadgh meets with addy Co-Founder Stephen Jagger at the addy offices in Vancouver to learn more about addy, crowdfunding and how the addy platform enables everyone to invest in institutional grade commercial real estate.

(Length 9:27 minutes)

Part 2 – Meet Keith Roy, General Partner

Stephen Tadgh heads over to 2930 Cambie Street to meet with Keith Roy, the General Partner of 2930 Cambie Street. Keith explains how addy chooses properties and General Partners with specific examples that’ll put your mind at ease.

(Length 12:42 minutes)

Part 3 – Monika Rau on Investing with addy

In this video, Stephen Tadgh sat down with Monika Rau, the Director of Real Estate at REW (don’t worry, she invested in addy before she joined REW). She has some great insights into the pros and cons of working with addy, hit play to listen to her conversation with Stephen.

(Length 6:06 minutes)

Part 4 – A Taxi Driver on a Mission

On the final episode of his addy adventure, Stephen Tadgh sat down with an individual who has bought into real estate crowdfunding. On more than one occasion, the addy team has heard about a cab driver out there in Vancouver talking to his passengers about addy. Two of our General Partners have been in the cab on different occasions and mentioned this to us. Stephen Tadgh tracked down now retired taxi driver, Albert Beggs, to learn more about his investing experience with addy and why he has told hundreds of his passengers about addy.

(Length 7:04 minutes)


Read REW’s Recap:

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