Blossom Social <> addy Meetup Collab

Blossom Social & addy Meetup Collab

The teams at Blossom and addy held a meetup at Jacksons in Vancouver last night. The event was a great success and brought together investing enthusiasts from both communities for an evening of networking, socializing and learning.

For those that don’t know, Blossom is a social app for Canadian investors to find community and share investing knowledge, backed up by verified activity from linked brokerage accounts.  They are a new startup based in Vancouver that has the backing of a recent round of funding including investing Youtuber Brandon Beavis.

Live Distributions

The addy team surprised the crowd by doing two live distributions on the big screen so that everyone could witness how quickly and easily the addy platform calculates and distributes funds (aka. dividends) to investors in real time.

addy CEO Mike Stephenson pushed “go” on the distribution for the Chilliwack Starbucks property triggering over 800+ investors to instantly see their distribution in their wallets. Immediately after that, Mike initiated another property distribution, this time for The Park at Willowglen where over 1100+ Canadians received their distribution.

Missed out? Watch this video recap!

The addy Community IRL

Missed out?

Don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to join an addy meetup. Here are 2 coming up next week:

  • Calgary Property Tour – November 29th (details)
  • Calgary Meetup – November 29th (details)

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