Recap Calgary Meetup at Greta Arcade

Real Estate Enthusiasts at Greta

Many of the addy community came out for a fun evening at Greta Arcade in Calgary, Alberta on November 29th 2022. We have guests from as far as Vancouver, Edmonton and Medicine Hat in attendance.

Special Guests

We had 3 special guest in attendance to say a few words. First up we had Zac Hartley come up. Zac is a Calgary based Youtuber focused on stocks, real estate and all round investing. Following Zac was Janine Rogan, she is the Founder and CEO of The Wealth Building Academy Inc., and an award winning CPA. Her mission is to educate and empower women to confidently and profitably grow their wealth, through financial feminism – financial equality for all. To close out the presentation we had Thomas Beyer, founder at Prestigious Properties. Thomas is the General Partner on the addy Kimberley property as well as the current property on the platform in Calgary, AB.

Video Recap

Event Photos

Get ready for the drop:

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