Recap Property Tour of 79 Castleridge Dr. in Calgary

Fun Walkthrough on a Cold Day

On November 19th addy Co-Founders Stephen Jagger and Michael Stephenson were joined by the Castleview Apartment General Partner, Thomas Beyer and the local office manager to show off the property to a group of addy members.

Guests from Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Vancouver

Participants from hours away came to join us as we had fun taking a look at this property. We were able to view 2 units and understand the layout of the property. Lots of fantastic questions were asked, including how frequently units are updated, any potential renovations and how the unit had faired after some extreme weather over the last couple years. Brand new siding was applied recently to replace hail-damaged material.

After, we all headed to Greta Arcade for some food, fun and knowledge.

Video Recap

Event Photos

Get ready for the drop:

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