Calgary, Alberta is the 3rd Most Livable City in the World

Calgary is the third most liveable city

“Great Work and Great Life, Calgary is the place to have both”*

Are you bullish or bearish on the Calgary market? There is lots of chatter in the addy Discord server about different markets and opportunities and one that keeps coming up is Calgary.  How are oil prices effecting Alberta, and specifically Calgary? According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, 2022, Calgary is the 3rd more livable city in the world.

*according to Calgary Economic Development 

Calgary Rental Market In the News

Insiders warn of crunch coming for Calgary rental market with prices expected to go even higher (CBC)

Demand in Calgary has been growing for several reasons. Basmadjian says it’s driven by demographics: more people are aging into their senior years and starting to rent again, plus the millennial generation is renting in higher numbers than the generations before.

But it’s also driven by immigration. More people are moving to Calgary looking to rent — both from other provinces and as part of Canada’s goal to bring in more than 465,000 immigrants a year.

Population growth keeps Calgary housing market on the boil (Western Investor)

Population will be the main driver of housing markets for the foreseeable future, according to Scotiabank, with Alberta leading the way.

She singled out Calgary as the market in Western Canada benefitting most from population-driven demand.

Rental vacancy at lowest levels since 2014, affordability gap grows: CMHC (Calgary Herald)

The rental market in Calgary is as tight as it has been since the last big oil boom.

Calgary rental market likely to remain in high demand in 2023 (Calgary Herald)

Rents in Calgary are likely to continue to rise in 2023, building on a strong 2022, driven by economic growth, migration and higher borrowing costs for mortgages.

Calgary’s rental vacancy rate dropped to 2.7% in 2022 — the lowest since 2014 (CBC)

Calgary’s condominium apartment market vacancy also dropped to 1.8 per cent from 4.2 per cent in 2021

Calgary Properties Listed on addy

There have been 2 opportunities listed on the addy platform in the past, with the 3rd available now.

The Park at Willowglen – Commercial Business Park on the N.E. side of Calgary (Sold Out to 1141 Owners)

Riverpark Suites – a Rental Development Property downtown Calgary (Sold Out to 1204 Owners)

Castleview Park Apartments – A Stabilized 120 Unit Multifamily Rental (Available)

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