Hilarious Letter of Apology to a Hotel

Pepperoni, The Empress and a Flock of Seagulls

Nick Burchill of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia had an ‘interesting’ trip to Vancouver Island back in 2001.  He stayed at the five star Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria because his new employer was hosting a customer conference there and he came into town for his first company event.

Instead of telling you the story here on this blog, it’s best to watch Benedict Cumberbatch read the hilarious letter of apology to the Empress Hotel for what went down in Nick Burchill’s room that trip.

Smart Hotel to Five Star

Operating a hotel can be a lot of work (especially if a bunch of seagulls invade one of the rooms). Five star hotels require an exceptional level of service to earn and maintain their ranking including offering concierge service, a high staff-to-room ratio, multilingual staff, 24-hour reception, room service, valet parking, doorman, nightly turndown and much more.

On the other end of the spectrum is the relatively new concept of Smart Hotels. A smart hotel uses digital technology to create a convenient, accessible and personalized experience for guests. Through an app, guests can gain access to the property, check in, check out and open their room. Generally there are little to no on site staff of a smart hotel. Cleaning teams show up to clean used rooms to make them ready for the next guest.

Hotels on addy

Three smart hotels from HoneyTree Grow have been listed on the addy platform

874 Sherbrooke St East, Montreal, QC (Sold Out to 767 Investors)
2048-2050 Rue St. Denis, Montreal, QC (Sold out to 1470 Investors)
210-224 Rue Saint Jean, Québec City, QC (Available Now)

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