Discord Conversation Prompts Address Change at Riverpark Suites

It Started on Discord…

During a Discord conversation about this property, addy member $Cameron noted that the address of 140 2 Ave SW potentially wasn’t very appealing in Chinese numerology whereas the initial rendering materials for the development had the address listed with an “888”, which would be a fantastic number to have. Another member, $andyio, chimed in that maybe the developer could apply to the city to change the address. This development is right in the middle of Calgary’s Chinatown, which is why this is might be an important consideration.

Ask and you shall receive

Guess what? The General Partner, Jay Roberts, of M2SC, saw this conversation in Discord and took action behind the scenes. The new building address will be 188 1 ST SW. Retail addresses will be 160 and 168 2 AV SW.

Development Update

The Development Permit was approved previously in 2022. The release of the permit will happen with the final city payment, which occurs at the start of construction. We are now waiting for the city to approve the building permit so that construction can start. Demolition of the site will start this February.

Have you invested in this property? Expect this information and more in an update coming soon to your portfolio.

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