Happy addyversary to 405 Main!

 Happy 1 Year to Investors in 405 Main St., Hamilton!

405 Main is celebrating its one year anniversary! Let’s reflect on some of the achievements this year:

  • The GP, 3H Properties, has been busy at work submitting applications for MLI Select Funding and for the National Housing Co-investment Fund, both through CMHC. The Co-investment grant application has been backed by Edward John, the Director of Housing for the City of Hamilton, through a letter of support. Edward John has also confirmed the project is in the expedited permitting process, which should streamline this phase. All of this bodes well for the future of the project!
  • The property at 405 Main Street will be 100% affordable units, ranging from very affordable to close to market rents. Investors in this property are reducing the backlog of over 283,000 households waiting for an affordable home.

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Here's a lookback at some of the updates:

Renderings of the future 405 main st.

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