March addyversary celebrations!

 Happy 2nd addyversary to Wingreen Court Apartments and 1st to J.S. Colton-Fox building

We’re celebrating some addyversaries and wanted to share some highlights from the previous year with you:

  • Wingreen Court Apartments:
    The sponsor has devised a five-year renovation plan for the property, encompassing building upgrades and the transition of below-market rents to market rates.
    The renovation program will involve upgrades to each unit, as well as repairs and replacements of roofs, stairwells, balconies, windows, asphalt, parking areas, landscaping, and HVAC/heating systems. Additionally, the underground storage tanks will be removed.
  • J.S. Colton-Fox:
    The 4 commercial tenants have emerged from covid shutdowns strong. Business for Dorian’s Greek Taverna is good. Samosa Joe continues to grow sales and he is branching out onto grocery stores and selling at events. Local Losers has been growing their events business and doing other interesting stuff in the arts community.

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Here's a lookback at some of the updates:

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