The Pink Tax: Dismantling a Financial System Designed to Keep Women Broke

Join us on May 24th, 2023 in Vancouver for the ‘The Pink Tax’ book launch event.

The Pink Tax Book

Dismantling a Financial System Designed to Keep Women Broke

Unleash your inner financial feminist and smash the patriarchy, one dollar at a time.

Women don’t build wealth in the same way that men do – and it’s not because they shop too much. Younger generations are struggling to match the financial successes that generations before them experienced, and this is even more true for women, who continue to earn less for doing the same work as men. As a result of this wage gap, women have less to save, less to invest and, ultimately, accumulate less wealth over a lifetime.

In The Pink Tax, award-winning CPA, Janine Rogan, draws from multiple studies, researched statistics, and her own experiences to shine a spotlight on the gender wage gap and the state of female wealth. The pink tax extends far beyond the insulting costs of pink branded products and extends into the very fabric of our society. By dismantling the current systems at play, Janine explores how the financial inequities between men and women are perpetuated, and how those inequities negatively affect not only women but the entire economy.

Author Janine Rogan

Janine Rogan, CPA is a passionate keynote and TEDx speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of The Wealth Building Academy Inc., and an award winning CPA. Her mission is to educate and empower women to confidently and profitably grow their wealth, through financial feminism – financial equality for all.

Janine has been featured internationally by a number of publications and has delivered keynotes to thousands of individuals and companies around the world. She currently sits on the CPA Alberta Education Foundation board, the board of FESA, and the planning committee of the AICPA Global Women’s Leadership Summit. Her debut book “The Pink Tax” will be every books are sold in May 2023.

Janine is a University of Alberta alumni, born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. She is currently based out of Calgary where she lives with her husband Andrew and son Theodore.

Details and Tickets

Date: May 24th 2023
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club

Tickets are available online for the general public and there is special discounted addy Member pricing!


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