Canadian YouTubers On Passive Income, Money Tips, & Dividend Stocks

Canada’s Top Female Investing Influencers

The team at Blossom gathered some of Canada’s top female investing influencers for a digital round table to discuss passive income, money tips, real estate and the stock market. YouTuber Brandon Beavis facilitated the conversation with MoneywithCass, Joyee Yang, The Sassy Investor, Financial Nirvana Mama and Humbled Trader. Check it out:


  • addy and Blossom joint meetup recap – The addy and Blossom teams held a joint meetup at Jackson’s in Kitsilano. Check out the video, photos and recap from the event.
  • Brandon Beavis’ Day at addy – Brandon Beavis came by the addy HQ in Kitsilano and went on tour of a few properties including The Lex downtown Vancouver and finishing off in Mission, B.C. to see the Maple View Heights purpose-built rental. Watch the video.

Upcoming Event

  • The Pink Tax: Dismantling a Financial System Designed to Keep Women Broke – at the Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club. Tickets

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