Commercial Real Estate Listings in Calgary

Calgary Commercial Real Estate Listings

Are you on the hunt for commercial real estate in Calgary? Where should you start your search? Here are a few websites that list commercial properties for sale in Calgary:

  1. This is the official website of the Canadian Real Estate Association and provides a comprehensive listing of commercial properties for sale or lease in Calgary.
  2. LoopNet: This is a popular commercial real estate website that allows you to search for properties in Calgary and other cities across Canada.
  3. Kijiji: This is a popular classifieds website in Canada where you can find commercial properties for sale or lease in Calgary.

In addition, most commercial real estate brokerages list their properties for sale on their own website – Cushman & Wakefield, Royal LePage Commercial and Colliers Commercial are a few examples. It’s a good idea to check multiple websites to get a comprehensive view of the available commercial real estate listings in Calgary.

Off Market Commercial Listings in Calgary

In commercial real estate, an “off-market” deal refers to a transaction where a property is sold or leased without being listed on a public marketplace, such as a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or commercial real estate website.

In other words, an off-market deal is a private transaction between a seller and a buyer or between a landlord and a tenant. These deals are often initiated by the seller or landlord contacting a select group of potential buyers or tenants directly, without advertising the property to the general public.

Off-market deals are often sought after by buyers and tenants because they can provide opportunities for exclusive access to a property, potentially lower competition, and the possibility of getting a better deal. On the other hand, off-market deals can be more difficult to find and may require additional effort and networking to uncover potential opportunities.

Why would a seller do an off market transaction?

There are several reasons why a seller may choose to pursue an off-market transaction in commercial real estate:

  1. Privacy: Some sellers may prefer to keep the sale of their property private and avoid the public exposure that comes with a traditional listing. This may be for personal or business reasons.
  2. Control: Off-market transactions give sellers more control over the sale process, as they can choose who to approach and negotiate with directly. This can help to ensure a smoother and faster transaction.
  3. Timing: In some cases, sellers may need to sell quickly or on a specific timeline. An off-market transaction can allow them to sell the property without waiting for the time it takes to prepare and market a property traditionally.
  4. Avoiding fees: Traditional real estate sales often come with commissions or other fees. By selling off-market, a seller can potentially avoid these costs.
  5. Targeted approach: An off-market sale allows sellers to target a specific group of potential buyers or investors, rather than relying on a more general marketing approach.

In summary, an off-market transaction can provide sellers with greater flexibility, control, privacy, and potentially faster sale of their property.

Get Started Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Crowdfunded investing is a good way to start investing in commercial real estate because it allows individuals to invest in high-quality properties with relatively small amounts of money, starting at just one dollar. This is possible because crowdfunding platforms like addy pool together the investments of many different individuals to fund a real estate project. Investors benefit from the potential returns of commercial real estate without the need for a large upfront investment or the responsibilities of managing the property. Overall, crowdfunded investing offers a low-cost, accessible way for new investors to enter the commercial real estate market.

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