addy Member and Discord Moderator $ClearProp Tour of Calgary Properties

Calgary Roadtrip

addy Member and Discord Moderator $ClearProp was in Calgary the other day and decided to tour around the city and check on some of his property investments that he has made via the addy platform.  He shared photos from each property he stopped by in Discord for other members to see.

We had a few questions...

We asked $ClearProp a few questions about why he was in Calgary and for feedback on the addy platform. Here is what he had to say:

Where do you live:

Primarily Vancouver, B.C. Also Chicago, IL as well as Perth & Melbourne., AU.

Why did you become an addy Discord moderator:

Reutilizing previous experience as a moderator while in college days to assist addy’s team. To provide value-added service for new Discord members who requires guidance & provide user interaction & experience from a perspective of an addy investor independently. (addy Discord Moderators)

What do you love about addy?

After being involved in fractional & micro real estate investment in Australia & The US since early 2000s; It provides me with the ability to diversify my Real estate portfolio inter-provincially & soon internationally while living locally & working internationally.

Most pertinently; I have control in how comfortable I am in investing in a property showcased without being emotionally attached to any of them or needing gargantuan amount upfront as in a conventional brick & mortar investment.

How many properties have you invested in:

25 on addy’s portfolio since addy’s second property drop: Starbucks in Chilliwack in 2020.

What brought you to Calgary?

Recently I returned to Vancouver, Edmonton & Calgary for work thus it provided a golden opportunity for me to visit properties in BC & Alberta.

Why did you decide to check out the properties?

This isn’t the first time I’ve visited addy’s properties on my portfolio; Visited Mission, Kimberley, Cambie Street, The Lex & Avesta in North Van too. Reason why I made these “pilgrimage” is to showcase the properties invested to other investors/members & potential investors/members who doesn’t have the opportunity to travel & visit to see them first hand thus sharing what I visited allows everyone to have a peek at the property they’ve invested in/potentially investing in as well.

What do you think of them? any one stand out?

I’m looking forward to Alberta’s next drop – Petro Fina Building. This drop has huge potential due to its location. Another Alberta’s favorite is The Willowglen.

BC’s favourite would definitely be The Lex, Vancouver, BC, S Colton Fox in Vernon, BC & Starbucks in Chilliwack, BC. The Kimbrook in Kimberley is so under rated since very rarely anyone talked about it. Having visited the property twice – The property & its location has huge potential.

In terms of Commercial properties – They’re definitely the hotels in QC, J-S Colton Fox in Vernon, BC & Starbucks in Chilliwack, BC.

I’m definitely looking forward for our first US drop & actually have plans to visit it outside of Oklahoma City, OK.

what is with the name $clearprop?

For those new to addy and wondering, why is his name $ClearProp? $ClearProp is his addy handle that he chose for his addy account. The addy handle shows up in Discord when chatting with other members.

Below are the posts from Discord from $ClearProp’s Calgary trip.  To see all of the pictures, just join Discord.

Castleview Park Apartments

The Castleview Park Apartments is a Stabilized 120 Unit Multifamily Rental building on the Northeast side of Calgary.  The General Partner on this property is Prestigious Properties and is the same GP as The Kimbrook in Kimberley, BC.

The Petro Fina Building

The Petro Fina Building is a commercial conversion in downtown Calgary. This property’s General Partner is People First Developments.

Riverpark Suites

Riverpark Suites is a development project that will create 52 residential units and 3 commercial units that will be part of the next generation of rental apartment buildings in Calgary, AB. The General Partner on this property is M2SC.

The Park at Willowglen

The Park at Willowglen is a business park located on the Northeast side of Calgary. It has produced 9 quarters of distributions so far and is run by General Partner Porte Communities.

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