Bosa Properties: The Changing Face of Real Estate

The Changing Face of Real Estate

Recently, Bosa Properties held an all hands employee event that took place at the Vancouver Convention Center, and one of the most talked-about about sessions was a panel discussion titled The Changing Face of Real Estate. The panel was moderated by Dea Knight, Development Director at Bosa Properties, and featured three prominent figures from the world of real estate: Stephen Jagger, co-founder of addy, Lucas Epp, VP and Head of Engineering at StructureCraft, and Brenda Knights, CEO of the BC Indigenous Housing Society.

The panelists provided their insights on how the real estate industry is changing and evolving, and how new technologies and approaches are helping to shape the way we build and live.

addy Co-Founder Stephen Jagger had the opportunity to explain to the crowd of over 450 people how the addy platform works and why real estate developers are using the addy Business platform to enable their employees to participate in the ownership of the very properties they are building.

Free Money from Bosa

Ten lucky employees were in for a surprise when they found an envelope under their chair. Inside each envelope was a note informing them that they had received a gift of free money in their addy wallets, courtesy of Bosa Properties. This kind of reward not only recognizes the hard work of the employees, but also encourages them to engage with and explore innovative technologies such as addy, which can help them to invest in real estate and build their wealth over time.

Bosa Properties

Bosa Properties is a Vancouver-based real estate development company that has been in operation for over 30 years. The company was founded by Robert Bosa in 1991, and has since become one of the most successful and well-respected developers in Canada. Bosa Properties is known for its high-quality residential and commercial developments, many of which are located in the Metro Vancouver area. The company has a reputation for innovation, sustainability, and design excellence, and has won numerous awards for its projects over the years.

Get ready for the drop:

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