Event Recap w/ Pink Tax Author Janine Rogan

Janine Rogan, Author of The Pink Tax

Calgary, Alberta based author and speaker Janine Rogan came to Vancouver for the launch of her new book ‘The Pink Tax: Dismantling a Financial System Designed to Keep Women Broke‘.

Janine spoke to over 90 guests in attendance about the challenges women face in the world. From the gender wage gap, to investing to products marketed specifically to women – Janine covered them all.

What is ‘the pink tax’?

“Refers to the tendency for products marketed specifically toward women to be more expensive than those marketed toward men. This phenomenon is often attributed to gender-based price discrimination, whose name stems from the observation that many of the affected products are pink.”

Per Janine:

Women don’t build wealth in the same way that men do – and it’s not because we shop too much. Younger generations are struggling to match the financial successes that generations before them experienced, and this is even more true for women, who continue to earn less for doing the same work as men. As a result of this wage gap, women have less to save, less to invest and, ultimately, accumulate less wealth over a lifetime.

In The Pink Tax, award-winning CPA, Janine Rogan, draws from multiple studies, researched statistics, and her own experiences to shine a spotlight on the gender wage gap and the state of female wealth. The pink tax extends far beyond the insulting costs of pink branded products and extends into the very fabric of our society. By dismantling the current systems at play, Janine explores how the financial inequities between men and women are perpetuated, and how those inequities negatively affect not only women but the entire economy.

From whether your lattes are really sabotaging your financial goals, to how supporting new mothers and improving childcare is for the benefit of all society, Rogan offers small- and large-scale solutions for both personal and societal change. Because it’s time. Time for women to flip the narrative on how we approach financial inequality and untangle the patriarchal systems that uphold our current financial system. The Pink Tax is a financially feminist approach to closing the gender wealth gap and reaching economic equality for women through smashing the pink tax, breaking down bias, and dismantling a financial system built by men, for men.

TD Bank

A big thanks to our event sponsor TD Bank whose ‘Women in Enterprise‘ community came out to listen to Janine present about her book and answer a wide ranging barrage of questions.


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