Another office conversion is coming to Calgary

A successful launch

The Petro Fina building launched on the addy platform on Apr. 20 of this year, and was much lauded for its commitment to reducing vacancy, increasing vibrancy, providing affordable housing and job creation within downtown Calgary.

Here’s what Maxim, Managing Director of Peoplefirst developments, had to say after the successful sellout:

Another one on the way

Peoplefirst developments, the Issuer of the Petro Fina building, is excited about the next one. We can’t provide all the details yet, but here’s a short teaser:

“Upon completion, the revamped building will feature 112 family-oriented apartments spread across eight floors. These apartments are designed to provide a combination of luxury and affordability, showcasing modern aesthetics, advanced amenities, and balconies. Additionally, the second floor will be dedicated to a coworking space specifically tailored for aestheticians, while the ground floor will continue to serve as a retail area.”

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