Happy 10th Straight Owners’ Day for The Park at Willowglen Investors

Attention all owners of The Park at Willowglen! Your addy wallet is going to get a little bigger – again, again!

The management is pleased to announce another Owners’ Day for individuals who have made investments in the property located at 1729 8th Ave NE, Calgary, AB. This marks the 10th straight quarter of distributions for this real estate crowdfunding venture. Now, let’s delve into the essential particulars.

The Park at Willowglen

This property, located on the northeast side of Calgary, Alberta, was bought by Porte Communities and they have been managing the property ever since. The property is a 280,000 SF suburban campus style office park on a 20.67 acres site that consists of 11 buildings.

1141 Canadians Invested

1141 Canadians chose to invest in this property and they have seen 10 straight quarters of distributions from the property.

How to celebrate Owners’ Day

Congrats on the distribution! What now? Well, there are few different ways you can embrace your newfound return. For one, you can put that money forth into another Issuer’s offering, and make your earned money continue to earn money for you.

Of course, you can always choose to take that money out of your addy wallet and put it into your bank. After all, you earned that money and deserve to put it towards your needs and desires.

Invest with addy

Don’t have an addy account yet? Signup today to start investing and you could earn passive income just like those owners of the Starbucks in Chilliwack. The process is quick and simple, and once you fund your wallet, you can start investing as little as $1 in a matter of minutes.

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