Member Perk Spotlight: EFTs are Back!

Welcome back EFT

addy is always trying to improve our members’ experiences! We’re happy to announce that bank transfers via EFT has returned as a way to fund your wallet for our paid members!

Check it out here!

Why is it back?

We heard you loudly and clearly! You like the flexibility provided by EFT and in some cases it can be faster than e-transfer when you factor in instant funding, which is back as well.

Why is it only for paid members?

In order to keep addy as fee free as possible, some options are only available for our paid members to offset costs.

Not only do you get access to EFT as a member, you also get access to the instant funding mentioned above, higher investment limits, earlier access to properties and much more!

So check it out, and remember that Interac e-transfer is still available for nearly instant receipt of funds, as long as you follow the directions.

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