Just In! Snag A Bonus for Investing in the Isaac on 9th!

Just In! Snag A Bonus for Investing in the Isaac on 9th!

The Isaac on 9th just announced that it will offer an exclusive bonus for investors who invest in the opportunity early. Investors can earn additional LP Units equal to 5% on unit purchases for the first $400,000 of total investment. This limited-time offer presents a chance to maximize your investment potential.

The Details of the Bonus

The bonus LP units will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, upon the completion of investment via the addy platform, and approval from Equivesto Canada Inc. It’s important to note that the bonus units will be rounded down to the nearest whole unit, ensuring fairness and transparency for all investors.

About the Isaac on 9th

Situated at 1336 – 1340 9th Avenue SE in the vibrant community of Inglewood, Calgary, the Isaac on 9th is set to become an iconic landmark. Reflecting the rich history of the Carson Block, this development aims to create an 84-unit purpose-built rental apartment complex with street-front retail, catering to the diverse needs of the modern urban dweller.

The Project Vision

The plan for the Isaac on 9th is to transform the existing stabilized buildings into a contemporary six-story complex. Envisioned to house a mix of townhomes, studios, and one to two-bedroom apartments, the project seeks to cater to the growing demand for premium living spaces in the heart of Calgary. With a focus on maintaining the neighbourhood’s unique charm and character, this development is poised to be a desirable living destination for those seeking an urban lifestyle with all the conveniences Inglewood has to offer.

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Invest in Calgary:

The Issuer:

Danny Astete and Brent Buhler
Dan has been in the Construction and property development sector for the past 12 years, building numerous custom homes throughout the city of Calgary, prior to turning his focus towards multi-family residential needs. He has deep knowledge of the development process and the care and attention necessary to each step in the process in order to successfully finish projects on time and on budget.
Since co-founding Cambio Merchant Capital in 2008, Brent has provided both long and short-term Corporate Advisory services to over 100 companies, from restructuring debt for craft brewers and small ‘mom & pop’ businesses, to structuring debt strategies and solutions for family offices and debt-focused financial institutions. He has also provided buy-side advisory services, from single entity businesses looking to make their first acquisition, to industrial multi-corporate entities like Marmon Enterprises and Berkshire Hathaway. He has also overseen the re-structuring of debt stacks for corporations in almost every sector – Oil and gas services, exploration and production, infrastructure maintenance, agriculture and food production, land development, medical, beauty, and the tech industry.

The Dealer:

Equivesto is on a journey to reimagine how private company investment and fundraising is done in Canada. They believe in a future where access to equity investments and opportunities are not limited by privilege or network. They look to design a tomorrow that is driven on community values and collaboration.

Investing in crowdfunding and exempt market offerings has significant risk. Investors may not be able to resell their securities quickly or at all and the securities may be subject to resale restrictions. These investment opportunities may result in the loss of all or most of your investment. You may receive limited ongoing information about a company or an investment made through Equivesto. Please be aware that investments offered by third-parties through this Equivesto operated offering are risky. You may receive limited ongoing information about a company or an investment made through Equivesto.

Purchasing these securities will be conducted by Equivesto Canada Inc. (Equivesto), an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Yukon, North West Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador (ND# 63820). Equivesto and Addy Portal Corporation (addy) have entered into an agreement, pursuant to which and subject to its terms, Equivesto shall act in the capacity of an EMD for distributions facilitated by addy. This portal is operated pursuant to that agreement. This offering will be available in BC, AB, SK, ON, MB and QC.

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  1. BILL HOGG says:

    I just invested 1500 this week hope to qualify for the bonus! It would be nice not to be excluded. Let me know how this would work, Thanks.

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