addy Opens To All of Canada

It’s official! Any qualified Canadian Resident can now invest via addy Platform!

As the largest crowdfunding real estate investment platform in Canada, we are stoked to share that as of today residents in any province or territory in Canada are now eligible to invest in institutional-grade commercial real estate opportunities across North America. This expansion marks a significant stride in addy’s commitment to democratizing commercial real estate investment – an asset class traditionally reserved for the super elite.

“We are dedicated to creating an inclusive real estate landscape where everyone has the chance to participate in ownership society. Our track record includes empowering tens of thousands of Canadians to invest in over 36 properties, across 119,000+ transactions with a total asset value of over $700+ million,” said Michael Stephenson, Co-Founder and CEO of addy. “By opening doors to all Canadians and launching the first US property, we are moving closer to our vision of a future where commercial real estate ownership is accessible to everyone. addy is proud to lead this transformative journey.”

addy launched initially to British Columbia residents in 2020 with the Chilliwack Starbucks Building and subsequently opened access to Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. This year Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents were added and today, any qualified Canadian resident now has the opportunity to invest in institutional-grade commercial real estate via the addy platform.

The first opportunity available nationwide is a purpose-built rental in Mission, BC. Maple View Heights Apartments, a soon-to-be-completed 108-unit purpose-built rental development, with 11 affordable rental units, in Mission, BC.

“Amidst challenging market conditions, Maple View Heights Apartments represents enduring value and our commitment to quality and purpose-built homes remains unwavering,” said Darcy Ulmer, Co-Founder and Partner at Stream Property Partners. “As the housing crisis persists in BC, our project serves as a beacon of stability in a competitive landscape hungry for high-quality rental homes.”

Lean more about the first property open to all of Canada:

With all Canadians included, addy’s investment offerings expand and its commitment to inclusion is strengthened. The addy platform opens up a new era of accessible, efficient, and scalable commercial real estate investing. 

First US Property

Simultaneously, addy introduces its first US property, a student housing complex with 234 rental units and 732 beds located near Oklahoma University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This is an opportunity for addy members to diversify their investment portfolios and gain exposure to the dynamic American commercial real estate market. 

“Working with addy to open up this commercial real estate opportunity to the average Canadian is an exciting prospect. We recognize that many Canadians have been excluded from opportunities like this in the past, and addy’s innovative platform provides a solution to this problem,” said Ben Zlotnick, addy’s first US Issuer and Founder of Apex Student Living.  “It’s an exciting opportunity to bridge borders and connect individuals across nations through real estate.”

Other notable commercial real estate opportunities that have been funded via the addy platform include:

  • 405 Main, a 96-unit development that will feature a mix of affordable and deeply affordable social housing in Hamilton, Ontario. 1,220 Canadians invested in this opportunity for an average investment amount of $409.84.
  • The Lex, 45 strata-titled apartment suites plus 2 commercial units in Vancouver’s downtown core. This opportunity exited early to 920 investors for an average investment amount of $500.
  • The Airdrie Block, 40 two- and three-bedroom rental townhomes in Airdrie, Alberta, just outside of Calgary. 1,500 Canadians invested for an average investment of $435.00.
  • Cambie Apartments, a newly renovated and fully occupied 19-unit multifamily rental apartment building in the Vancouver Broadway Corridor. 1,420 Canadians invested an average amount of $611.81.
  • The Kimbrook Apartments, A multi-family rental building with 57 residential units located in Kimberley, BC in the beautiful Canadian East Kootenays. 580 Canadians for an average investment of $600.86.
  • Altadore Townhomes, 20 multifamily units, consisting of 10 three-bedroom and 10 four-bedroom rental units in Calgary, AB. This property is currently listed on the platform.
  • For a full list of all institution-grade commercial real estate properties listed on the platform visit

Become an addy Issuer

By utilizing advanced technology and automation, addy simplifies the investment process, making it more efficient and manageable for both investors and issuers. The platform enables investors to easily browse and select investment opportunities, review due diligence materials, and track their portfolios, all through a user-friendly interface. 

For issuers, the addy Business platform significantly reduces the complexity and costs associated with managing a large investor base. The platform automates investor communications, access to capital, distributions, and reporting, minimizing the administrative burden and allowing issuers to concentrate on property management and maximizing returns. The technology not only brings down operational costs but also ensures a seamless and efficient investment experience for all parties involved. addy works with a set of partner exempt market dealers to ensure compliant processing of member investments in all provinces in Canada.

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