addy is Opening up the Vault for Financial Literacy Month

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month on the discord server with a contest!

Come join us on the addy discord server! To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, we’re opening up the vault! Some of the earliest properties to be launched on the addy platform still have just a few shares available. We’re going to give you an opportunity to win those!

Every day in the #newbies discord channel, we will post a video and accompanying quiz. These videos will generally be very short, 2-3 mins in length (if that), and the quiz will just be making sure you were paying attention.

The first 10 people to finish the month with a streak will be qualified to earn some of those available shares!

  • Free shares from the addy vault for properties that sold out years ago
  • These properties include ones currently actively providing distributions
  • You will need to sign a subscription agreement to receive the shares and agrees to the terms of being a shareholder for that entity
  • The shares available to be earned exceed the cost of an annual addyOne plan
  • addyOne membership required to win

The contest ends Nov. 30 at 11:59pm PT, those on the longest streaks at the end of the month will qualify to win!

This contest is just one of the many reasons to join the addy discord server!

We’re so convinced you’ll like Discord, we want to help you get onboarded to it! You can join one of our daily Discord webinars, only 15 minutes to get started!

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What You’re Missing:

Here’s the contest in action!

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