Alliance REIT’s first property is on the way!

Alliance REIT has a new property on the way: Wychwood Multi-Family

This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a multi-unit multi-family complex consisting of 2 buildings located in the Wychwood neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario. The buildings are currently undergoing “ value add”; full renovations to capture top of market rent + add 3 additional units to create three additional new revenue streams, bringing the total to 9 cash flowing rentals as of Q4 this year.

The Plan: The plan is to hold and manage the property for 5 years. The properties will under go renovations then will be rented and earn cashflow from the property. If market conditions are favourable the properties will be sold at year 5 for a higher amount mainly due to appreciation from the renovation.

Other ways this prop pays out!

When evaluating commercial real estate deals like this one there are 5 primary ways an investment pays out: Cash Flow, Passive Appreciation, Mortgage Paydown, Active Appreciation, and Levered Returns on Equity. (Learn more about these factors here).

Here are the things to note about this property:

  • The cash flow for this property is expected to be 3% annually
  • The property value at disposition after renovations is expected to be $6.1M representing a $2.98M gain in property value
  • The mortgage is expected to be paid down by approx. $20,000 a year.

About the Neighbourhood

Nestled within the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Wychwood stands as an alluring prospect for investors eyeing multi-family buildings. This neighbourhood is rich in character, featuring tree-lined streets and beautifully preserved century homes, offering a unique blend of historic charm and modern conveniences. Its strong sense of community, bolstered by local events and initiatives, makes it an attractive choice for potential tenants.

What’s particularly enticing for investors is the neighbourhood’s exceptional accessibility, with the St. Clair streetcar and subway lines connecting residents to the city center and beyond. Wychwood’s proximity to parks, schools, and a burgeoning arts and culture scene further fuels the demand for rental properties in the area, attracting young professionals and families seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle.

With a stable and promising real estate market, Wychwood is a prime location for those looking to make a sound investment in multi-family housing within one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

Next Steps:

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Get ready for the drop:

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The Issuer:

Alliance REIT is a Toronto based Real Estate Investment Trust that was established in 2016. Alliance builds unique living spaces in boutique properties and focuses on dynamic urban neighbourhoods that attract discerning residents. Alliance has provided superior returns compared to all major indices including all public REITs since inception.
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The Dealer:

Purchases of the issuer’s equity securities will be conducted, where permitted, through a platform operated by Atlas One Securities Inc., an exempt market dealer (NRD#: 68420) in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba, which has been appointed as the issuer’s agent for this offering.

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