addy Exit Track Record

The addy community joyously marks its third successful property exit on the addy platform. On January 26th, 2024, addy members celebrated the exit of the Petro Fina building in Calgary, which yielded an impressive 18% return on investment for all investors. The exciting milestone was proudly acknowledged by addy members across Discord, various social media platforms, and in person.

  1. The Lex, Vancouver, BC – 22.89% ROI in 12 Months
  2. Cornerstone, Calgary, AB – 15% ROI in 5 Months
  3. Petro Fina, Calgary, AB – 18% ROI in 9 Months

As of now, 39 properties have been listed on the addy platform, spanning from various locations in Canada to the inaugural listing in the United States. The year 2024 promises numerous additional opportunities throughout North America. If you haven’t initiated your journey on the addy platform, now is the opportune moment to get started.

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