Interview with Lake Country Mayor Blair Ireland

Interview with Lake Country Mayor Blair Ireland

The District of Lake Country’s Mayor Blair Ireland sat down with addy co-founder Stephen Jagger to talk about district. During our conversation, Mayor Blair Ireland provided insights into his background, particularly his association with Big White Ski Resort. The discussion then delved into various aspects of Lake Country, including Winfield, Okanagan Centre, Oyama, and Carr’s Landing, as well as the implementation of the ward system. Community policing and its associated costs were explored, along with considerations for expanding the tax base by growing the population or attracting businesses. The Lake Country Business Park and its role in the community were highlighted, along with the impact of UBCO on the region. The conversation touched upon housing regulation changes at both provincial and municipal levels, anticipation for a large new housing development, and the future of Lakewood Mall, emphasizing residential growth and increased density. Collaboration with Kelowna, water management, and wildfire prevention strategies were also addressed. Mayor Ireland expressed his goals for the term, including expediting permit processes, and the discussion concluded with plans for a new First Nations Cultural Centre. Overall, the conversation provided a comprehensive overview of Mayor Blair Ireland’s priorities and the key issues facing Lake Country.

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