Castleview Apartments Got Some Upgrades!

Castleview Apartments Tour

Last Friday some of the addy squad and some addy members toured a bunch of properties in the Calgary area including the Castleview Apartments. The building manager gave us a guided tour around the property, was able to show us a unit that is about to be turned over to the new tenant and talked about some of the upgrades that have happened (common carpets, south fence) and some that are coming shortly (new parking lot cement).  Overall the property looks great, no vacancy and the Issuer is doing a great job managing it.

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One thought on “Castleview Apartments Got Some Upgrades!

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    Enjoyed the tour. Good on site manager who has been there 8 years. He was telling me about the craziness when the (then new) owners hired him about 8 years ago. Drugs, crime, vandalism, and daily visits from emergency services. About 1/3 of the units were vacant and many units were not paying rent. He addressed the situation and obviously runs a good show today.

    I like that this property provides clean, well run housing to a decidedly working class community. They have not tried to turn it into luxury apartments, rather units get repainted and minor upgrades on turn over. Cabinets are from the 1980s for example. Definitely fills a real need in the market. Very happy to have been invested for several years with Castleview Apartments via addy.

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