Interview with Jay from M2SC (Riverpark Suites)

Q/A with Jay Roberts from M2SC

As part of our tour of 7 properties in the Calgary area we had a chance to tour Riverpark Suites as well as chat with Jay Roberts, the developer of the project about how the project was progressing. Jay talked about some of the challenges they have had, the benefits of not having to build any parking, whats happening in Calgary and details about the completion of the project.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Jay from M2SC (Riverpark Suites)

  1. Cameron Rogers says:

    You can actually see me in the blue shirt walking thru the framed building near the end of the video. I was super impressed with how clean and organized the job site was. Never even saw a discarded Tim’s cup like you see on most construction sites. Great job team.

  2. marcela says:

    Great location and a fabulous way to save money by not building underground!
    Calgary is definitely a market that makes sense to invest in these days. The disposition model is an effective way to keep the IRR and multiples high.
    I’m curious: What cap rate are you carrying for this investment? Have any institutional buyers shown interest in acquiring the project after completion?

    • Stephen Jagger says:

      It is a great location!
      You should pop into the addy Discord to follow along and chat further –
      I’m not sure about the carrying cap rate, but the developer will let us know once they start renting the units.

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