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Did you know? 

addy tracks your distribution amounts to 8 decimal places to make sure you get the most out of your distribution, as small amounts add up! When fractional amounts (greater than 2 decimal places) add up to a cent, it will show up in your wallet balance. For example, if you received $1.51854321, it will show $1.51 in your wallet balance. When you receive another $1.51854321 for a total of $3.03708642, then your wallet balance will show $3.03.

The precision and tracking provided by addy’s platform is beneficial for members. This level of detail ensures that every fraction contributes meaningfully to one’s overall balance. By accurately accounting for fractional amounts, addy ensures that members maximize the value of their distributions, as even small increments accumulate over time. This approach safeguards against overlooking significant sums, demonstrating addy’s commitment to empowering members to extract value from their investments. Members can rely on addy to manage their accounts efficiently, fostering trust and satisfaction in their financial interactions.

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