Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II Drops Monday, June 17 at 9am PT

Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II Drops Monday!

The Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II is an exclusive opportunity to invest passively alongside Scott McGillivray and his team of real estate professionals in a portfolio of residential development projects focused on Southern Ontario and on primary markets in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II (SMRET II) will invest into the Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund II (the “Fund), an affiliated party of SMRET II. The Fund has identified two properties and the remaining 1-2 investments have not been identified as of the date of the Offering. Details on properties one and two are available on the property page.

*Purchasing these securities will be conducted by Equivesto Canada Inc. (Equivesto), an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in Canada.

About Scott McGillivray

Scott McGillivray is known for his expertise in real estate investment and renovation. Over the past 15 years, he has been a prominent figure on HGTV in the US and Canada, appearing in more than 300 episodes. He is most recognized for his work on HGTV shows like “Income Property,” “Moving the McGillivrays,” “Buyers Bootcamp,” and “Scott’s Vacation House Rules.”

Beyond his television career, Scott is a successful real estate entrepreneur. He serves as the CEO of McGillivray Group and McGillivray Entertainment, and he co-founded Keyspire, a company dedicated to real estate investment education. Scott is also a skilled contractor, a best-selling author, and a frequent guest expert, valued for his practical real estate investment advice.

In Toronto? Join us for the launch event!

TORONTO – Join us for an exclusive event celebrating the launch of the Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II on the addy platform! HGTV star Scott McGillivray will be delivering an educational fireside chat, discussing the benefits of real estate investing, providing details about his new real estate fund, and offering insights into today’s macroeconomic landscape. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!

Date: June 17th 2024

Join addy to review the details:


The Issuer

Scott McGillivray Real Estate Trust II (managed by McGillivray Capital Partners)

The McGillivray Capital Partners team consists of four founding partners with a variety of real estate, development and asset management experience, and accreditations that include CPA, CFA, BComm, PMP and MBA. The partners have personally experienced the benefits of both active and passive real estate investing and are passionate about helping others build wealth in the space.

The Dealer

Equivesto Canada Inc.

Equivesto is on a journey to reimagine how private company investment and fundraising is done in Canada. They believe in a future where access to equity investments and opportunities are not limited by privilege or network. They look to design a tomorrow that is driven on community values and collaboration.

Investing in crowdfunding and exempt market offerings has significant risk. Investors may not be able to resell their securities quickly or at all and the securities may be subject to resale restrictions. These investment opportunities may result in the loss of all or most of your investment. You may receive limited ongoing information about a company or an investment made through Equivesto. Please be aware that investments offered by third-parties through this Equivesto operated offering are risky. You may receive limited ongoing information about a company or an investment made through Equivesto.

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