the weekend edition June 16th

Happy Sunday! 


I’m writing this newsletter from the Vancouver airport, on my way to Toronto for the event we are holding with HGTV star Scott McGillivray at The Boulevard Club in Toronto. Are you coming? We have a few other issuers joining as well including Honeytree and 3H Properties. Hope to see you there. 


Hoping to stop by the Davenport property as well for a tour with the QMW team. Watch for a few videos that we will shoot on site.


Did you know the Harrison property in Calgary has been doing monthly dividends and is projected to continue doing so? If you invest by June 30th 2024 you will be included in the next dividend scheduled for July 24th 2024. 


Also, the campaign for the Astra Block Industrial property in Calgary is coming to an end on July 2nd, 2024. Only $58,508.00 left available in that issuance. 


Remember, purchasing any securities on the addy platform is conducted by an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in Canada.





PS. Help spread the word about addy by telling your friends and family about the platform. Thanks for your continued support. 🙂 

Today’s reading time is 5½ minutes. 

📰 Industry News

Pardon our dust: Why some businesses remain open during a building renovation

The decision to keep a business running rather than closing down shop while a building undergoes a major capital improvement is a strategic choice laden with variables. (The Globe and Mail)

Where Mayor-Elect Of Mississauga Carolyn Parrish Stands On Housing

After a celebratory speech at the Mississauga Convention Centre, housing seemed to be at the top of Parrish’s mind. “The first step is to get the best developers and builders that we’ve got in our city and bring them in to be my advisors,” she told reporters. (Storeys)

Every new home built requires $100,000 in infrastructure spending: report

As Canada aims to build homes faster, both the public and private sectors will need to boost spending on municipal infrastructure, a new report from the Canadian Urban Institute says. (CTV News)

2024 Global Investment Conference: Canadian real estate pressures increasing demand for rental market investments

Surging population growth, stalled housing completions and a shrinking middle class are creating challenges for households hoping to own their own home. Supported by nearly a decade of immigration policy focused on bringing in working-age immigrants, Canada’s population increased by 3.2 per cent in 2023, exceeding 40 million for the first time. (Benefits Canada)


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