Ervin Leung
Real Estate Portfolio Manager

With over seven years of experience in developing and managing a personal portfolio of multifamily properties across the West Coast of Canada, Ervin has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market. In addition to his real estate ventures, he brings valuable entrepreneurial experience to the table.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Operations Management from SFU Beedie and is currently advancing his expertise through the Postgraduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation program at UBC Sauder.

Real estate investing has been transformative for Ervin and his family, igniting a passion to extend these opportunities to others. Through the addy platform, he is dedicated to leveraging his extensive experience and entrepreneurial background to enhance the real estate journeys of others. Ervin is committed to fostering opportunities that align with addy’s core values of empathy, curiosity, and the philosophy of win-win or no deal. His goal is to help individuals achieve their real estate aspirations with confidence and success.