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The Pink Tax: Dismantling a Financial System Designed to Keep Women Broke

Join us on May 24th, 2023 in Vancouver for the ‘The Pink Tax’ book launch event. The Pink Tax Book Dismantling a Financial System Designed to Keep Women Broke Unleash your inner financial feminist and smash the patriarchy, one dollar at a time. Women don’t build wealth in the same way that men do – […]

March addyversary celebrations!

 Happy 2nd addyversary to Wingreen Court Apartments and 1st to J.S. Colton-Fox building We’re celebrating some addyversaries and wanted to share some highlights from the previous year with you: Wingreen Court Apartments: The sponsor has devised a five-year renovation plan for the property, encompassing building upgrades and the transition of below-market rents to market rates. […]

Happy addyversary to 405 Main!

 Happy 1 Year to Investors in 405 Main St., Hamilton! 405 Main is celebrating its one year anniversary! Let’s reflect on some of the achievements this year: The GP, 3H Properties, has been busy at work submitting applications for MLI Select Funding and for the National Housing Co-investment Fund, both through CMHC. The Co-investment grant application […]

Happy addyversary to Maple View Heights Apartment 2

Happy 1 Year to Investors in the MapleView Heights Apartments Round 2 Maple View Heights 2 celebrated its 1st anniversary on Saturday and we thought we’d highlight some achievements this year: Rents: The expected average is now at $2,000/month as of September 2022, which is a 21.9% increase from April 2021 when rental rates were […]

Recap Property Tour of 79 Castleridge Dr. in Calgary

Fun Walkthrough on a Cold Day On November 19th addy Co-Founders Stephen Jagger and Michael Stephenson were joined by the Castleview Apartment General Partner, Thomas Beyer and the local office manager to show off the property to a group of addy members. Guests from Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Vancouver Participants from hours away came to […]