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Canadian YouTubers On Passive Income, Money Tips, & Dividend Stocks

Canada’s Top Female Investing Influencers The team at Blossom gathered some of Canada’s top female investing influencers for a digital round table to discuss passive income, money tips, real estate and the stock market. YouTuber Brandon Beavis facilitated the conversation with MoneywithCass, Joyee Yang, The Sassy Investor, Financial Nirvana Mama and Humbled Trader. Check it […]

Fireside Chat with Summer and Chip Wilson of lululemon Fame

Summer and Chip Wilson Candid Conversation addy Co-Founder Stephen Jagger moderated a fireside chat with Summer and Chip Wilson at The Zajac Ranch for Children’s ‘Lunch with a Legend’ series.  The conversation covered a broad range of topics including commercial real estate, philanthropy, raising their family, the acquisition of Amer Sports (which includes Arc’teryx, Wilson, […]

Meet addy member and retired taxi driver Albert Beggs

In the final instalment of the REW series looking into addy, interviewer Stephen Tadgh interviews addy Member and retired taxi driver Albert Beggs. We had heard rumours of a Vancouver taxi driver chatting with his passengers about addy from quite a few people that happened to be in his car. REW’s Stephen Tadgh tracked him […]

REW heads out to meet addy General Partner Keith Roy

The team at REW (aka Real Estate Works, previously known as Real Estate Weekly) set out to learn more about addy and how the addy platform was enabling Canadians to invest into institutional grade commercial real estate.  The shot a four part series with some of the addy team, General Partners and addy members as […]

What is real estate crowdfunding? An interview with addy Co-Founder, Stephen Jagger

The team at REW shot a four part series on addy. REW is a guide to all things real estate and their videographer Stephen Tadgh set out to investigate addy as a potential new way for you to get into the real estate market. Watch Stephen’s interview with addy co-founder, Stephen Jagger. (See all four […]

Investing Together: An Interview with addy Member Pierre Gagnon-Gingras

addy member Pierre Gagnon-Gingras with a microphone and miniprops surrounding his picture

With empathy and curiosity, addy aims to break down the barriers to real estate to help average Candians on their journey to financial freedom and property ownership. As we move forward, we love hearing from our members about what they enjoy and what they hope addy can help them with in the future. We recently […]

Investing Together: An Interview with addy Member Brian Harmon

addy member Brian Harmon and his family

At the heart of addy is a genuine goal to make the dream of property ownership accessible for all. We understand it’s increasingly difficult to break into the real estate market, with high price tags, due diligence and a scarcity of supply making it hard for the average person. We love hearing from members about […]

Brandon Beavis’ Day at addy

Influencer and investor Brandon Beavis below a banner that reads: day at addy

addy strives to not only make real estate accessible for everyone, but also explain how and why investing in real estate can be advantageous. That’s because commercial real estate in particular has traditionally been closed off to the average Canadian. addy’s crowdfunding platform, however, opens to the doors to those interested in diversification and passive […]