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British Columbia Year-End 2022 Investment Review

British Columbia Year-End 2022 Investment Review In 2022, the commercial real estate market in British Columbia showed resilience despite macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges that persisted throughout the year. Despite the Bank of Canada’s seven consecutive interest rate increases, acquisitions and sales continued to take place throughout the province. The following sales figures were recorded in […]

Altus 2023 Canadian Cost Guide

The Canadian construction and development industry encountered major obstacles in 2022, including supply chain disruptions, cost increases, and higher interest rates. Despite these challenges, positive factors such as strong demand from high immigration, growing targets, and ongoing projects provide encouraging signs. Additionally, the outlook for construction cost stability is improving. However, it is crucial to […]

Happy addyversary to 405 Main!

 Happy 1 Year to Investors in 405 Main St., Hamilton! 405 Main is celebrating its one year anniversary! Let’s reflect on some of the achievements this year: The GP, 3H Properties, has been busy at work submitting applications for MLI Select Funding and for the National Housing Co-investment Fund, both through CMHC. The Co-investment grant application […]

HoneyTree Grow’s Hôtel Château des Tourelles is fully funded!

Funding complete! Congratulations to all those who took part in crowdfunding real estate and helped break down barriers to make property ownership accessible. The stats: 947 Canadians invested Average investment of about $528 Fully funded $500,000 Did you miss out? Get ready for the next drop! Another issuer is preparing the next property and will […]

Happy addyversary to Maple View Heights Apartment 2

Happy 1 Year to Investors in the MapleView Heights Apartments Round 2 Maple View Heights 2 celebrated its 1st anniversary on Saturday and we thought we’d highlight some achievements this year: Rents: The expected average is now at $2,000/month as of September 2022, which is a 21.9% increase from April 2021 when rental rates were […]

Discord Conversation Prompts Address Change at Riverpark Suites

It Started on Discord… During a Discord conversation about this property, addy member $Cameron noted that the address of 140 2 Ave SW potentially wasn’t very appealing in Chinese numerology whereas the initial rendering materials for the development had the address listed with an “888”, which would be a fantastic number to have. Another member, […]

Happy addyversary to St. George Place (formerly Avesta Apartments)

 Happy 2 Years to Investors at St. George Place! St. George Place celebrates its 2 year anniversary today and we thought we’d highlights some achievements this year: Owners’ Day in Q3 2022 Active community of investors in our member’s only discord 🎉 If you’re a member, join us on the Discord today for some celebration and […]

Happy Eighth Owners’ Day for The Park at Willowglen Investors

Miniprop digital version of the addy investment of The Park at Willowglen

Attention all owners of The Park at Willowglen! Your addy wallet is going to get a little bigger – again! That’s right, the GP is excited to declare yet another Owners’ Day for those who invested in the property at 1729 8th Ave NE, Calgary, AB. This is the eighth distribution for this exciting real […]

Happy Eighth Owners’ Day to Chilliwack Investors!

Attention all Chilliwack Starbucks owners! The day is here again! The GP is excited to announce yet another Owners’ Day for those who invested in the property at 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack, B.C. This is the eighth distribution for this exciting investment opportunity. Starbucks Owners’ Day Members are likely familiar by now with this […]

Happy addyversary to 874 Sherbrooke in Montreal!

 Happy 1 Year to Investors in our property at 874 Sherbrooke in Montreal! The Sherbrooke Hotel celebrates its 1 year anniversary today! Here’s a recent video update! 🎉 If you’re a member, join us on the Discord today for some celebration and giveaways 🎉 Don’t miss out on our current properties, Castleview Park Apartments in Calgary […]