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addy Answers: What is an Eligible Investor?

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We at addy aim to make real estate accessible for all, not just removing lofty financial barriers, but helping educate those starting their investing journey. We also want to make sure everyone complies with investing rules and regulations. It’s especially important to know what type of investor you are, because that determines how much you […]

Types of Real Estate

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Some people may think of real estate only in terms of what they are looking to purchase – most of the time, that’s a single-family home or a cozy condo. Real estate extends much deeper, however, comprising a variety of buildings, businesses and industries. It’s important to understand each type of real estate, particularly when […]

RealtyMogul for Canada?

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Previously inaccessible to all but the wealthiest of individuals, investment opportunities in commercial real estate now abound. Numerous platforms offer investors of all wallet sizes and knowledge bases to become an owner. One such platform is RealtyMogul, a U.S.-based company providing opportunities in commercial real estate. On the surface, it sounds a bit familiar to […]

How the Real Estate Industry Works

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The real estate industry is vast and complex, with numerous moving parts and a wide range of professionals integrated. While we may only think of the industry as primarily involving a realtor who helps buying and selling homes, as well as the broker who lends you money, there are many more individuals and interactions worth […]

How Real Estate Leverage Works

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Real estate is a unique asset class for a variety of reasons: it is less volatile than stocks or cryptocurrency investments, it can offer long term steady growth and it’s a physical, durable entity that is by definition, scarce. Real estate also offers leverage and can be effectively wielded to increase the value of your […]

Characteristics of Real Estate

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A lot of different images come to mind when thinking of real estate: suburban homes, city skyscrapers, vast farmland. While many of us have an idea of what constitutes real estate, putting words to ideas may be a bit harder. It’s worth brushing up how exactly to define real estate, going through its important characteristics […]

Master the Six Basic Rules of Investing

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We invest our money with a goal make more money. The ‘why’ of investing isn’t complicated, but the ‘how’ is far trickier. Whether you’re looking into stocks and bonds, dabbling in cryptocurrency or seeking newfound opportunities in real estate with barrier-busting platforms like addy, you should know what you’re doing. With that in mind, let’s […]

Active Income vs. Passive Income

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In the quest for financial freedom and independence, taking active income and putting it towards means to make passive income is essential. While there are three main types of income in active, passive and portfolio, it’s the first two that are particularly important to understand. Let’s take a look at the key differences between active […]

How to Compare Crowdfunding Platforms

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For a long time, the only way to invest in real estate was to physically buy property either by yourself, with a partner or as part of a company. Times have changed, however, and a variety of platforms are offering opportunities in real estate investing online with little work involved. addy strives to break down […]

What is Fractional Real Estate?

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The possibility of property ownership for many Canadians seems increasingly unlikely, with daunting prices, fierce bidding and a scarcity of available options. However, not all hope is lost, as fractional ownership offers an accessible and affordable means to still achieve the dream of property ownership and the chance to potentially earn passive income. Here’s how […]