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addy vs. goPeer

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With myriad ways to invest in real estate, Canadians looking to earn passive income have more options than ever before. While addy seeks to break down real estate barriers by making investing simple and accessible through crowdfunding, other platforms use different means to allow people to invest. One such company is goPeer, a Canadian lending […]

What Happens if addy Doesn’t Complete a Funding?

The basic principle behind crowdfunding is that a group of people pool their money towards a common goal that would otherwise be too high for any one person to achieve alone. Crowdfunding can help people pay for medical bills or tuition, assist in development of a creative project or in the case of addy, allow […]

addy Launches First 100% Affordable Housing Development

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, addy, Launches First 100% Affordable Housing Development Residents across BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec Can Invest In a 96-unit, 100% affordable multifamily development in Hamilton, Ontario Vancouver, B.C. (March 1, 2022) — addy, a Vancouver-based proptech start-up that is breaking down barriers to real estate ownership, today announced its first property […]

Real Estate Volatility vs. Stock Market Volatility

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With platforms like addy breaking down barriers to real estate investment, more people are adding this asset class to their portfolio. For those who traditionally invest in stocks, putting money into real estate is a different way to earn some passive income while diversifying one’s portfolio. One of the key advantages of investing in real […]

addy vs. NexusCrowd

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It’s never been easier to invest in real estate online, with a wealth of platforms available that aim to increase the size of your bank account through this popular asset class. addy aims to make real estate for everyone by breaking down traditional barriers to investing. We’re not the only ones in the market as […]

7 Commercial Real Estate Terms You Should Know

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Commercial real estate investing is historically inaccessible to the average Canadian. This is due to the price tag, which often isn’t lower than $3 million and frequently trends over $50 and even $100 million. addy, however, seeks to break barriers of investing in such properties by crowdfunding investments across multiple parties, essentially lowering the price […]

6 Things to Consider for Real Estate Due Diligence

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Wisely investing into an asset requires plenty of planning, preparation and patience, otherwise known as due diligence. This lengthy process of determining whether you should acquire a property involves seeking out all material facts and information so as to make an informed decision. Undertaking this process smartly and effectively can mean the difference between a […]

What is an Accredited Investor?

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The term ‘accredited investor’ pops up a lot in the financial world, particularly for those seeking out passive income opportunities in the stock market or real estate world. Accredited investors, as the name suggests, are those investors who come with a bit of wealth behind them and have a designated status that allows for larger […]

What are Purpose-Built Rentals?

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A country-wide interest in purpose-built rental buildings continues to gain steam, as developers move away from a focus on condos to these condo-adjacent buildings designed for renters. These buildings present curious opportunities for investors while also having an impact on the livability of a particular city or town. addy’s investment opportunity in Mission, B.C. is […]