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1928-1930 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON

This is an opportunity to participate in the ownership of a purpose-built rental building with 8 residential units and 1 commercial unit in Toronto, ON.

The Plan: The Issuer is poised to begin the redevelopment of the currently vacant property at 1928-1930 Davenport Rd. The plan is to convert this site into a modern facility featuring eight residential units and one commercial unit. With construction ready to start soon once permits are secured, this project sets the stage for an exit strategy in 2027.

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3 Years


*Investments in this property are open to all residents in Canada above the age of the majority. Qualified members can invest from $1. The minimum investment on this property is $1. All transactions will require approval by the EMD on record, Equivesto Canada Inc, subject to suitability review and may be reduced.



ways to Payout

  • Refinancing Post-Construction: Following the completion of construction, refinancing the property will provide a means to return funds to investors, leveraging the increased value of the fully developed asset.
  • Leasing Strategy: The priority, upon construction completion, will be to lease out all nine units—eight residential and one commercial—to establish a steady stream of rental income, maximizing the property’s earning potential.
  • Exit through Sale: Two years after achieving full occupancy and stabilization, QMW Corp. intends to sell the entire building. This strategy aims to capitalize on the property’s appreciation and the rental income generated, securing profits for the company and its investors.

The Reel

The Gram

the highlights

  • Location: 1928-1930 Davenport Rd, Toronto
  • Current Status: Vacant land (3,660 sq ft) slated for redevelopment.
  • Planned Use: Purpose-built rental building with:
            8 Residential Units (mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms)
            1 Commercial Unit
  • Building Permits: In the process of obtaining the required building permits.
  • Existing Improvements:
             Built in 1900, currently in shell condition.
  • Planned New Building:
            Assumed good condition upon completion.
            Estimated remaining economic life: 50 years.

Location in Toronto, ON

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About Neighbourhood

  • Established Neighborhood: The property sits in Weston-Pellam Park, a well-populated mid-Toronto area. This established neighborhood features a mix of single-family homes and commercial buildings, similar to the subject property itself.
  • Shifting Landscape: The area is undergoing a transformation with a trend towards higher density developments. This is evident by a planned 5-storey mixed-use building directly across the street, suggesting the neighborhood is evolving.
  • Accessibility: Public transportation options are readily available. Buses run frequently along Davenport Rd, offering easy access within the city. Additionally, a subway station is located south on Bloor St, providing a connection to Toronto’s rapid transit system.
  • Highway Connection: While the property offers access to major highways like Hwy 401, the overall accessibility is considered average. This might be due to factors like distance from highway on-ramps or potential traffic congestion in the area.
  • Surroundings: The description mentions rail tracks bordering the property on multiple sides (east, west, and south). This could be a positive or negative factor depending on noise levels and potential train frequency. Additionally, the Stockyards District with large shopping plazas is located nearby, offering convenient access to retail options. The area also boasts parks, schools, and places of worship, catering to various needs of residents

About Real Estate Market

  • The Bank of Canada kept interest rates on hold at 5% despite a slowing global economy and inflation easing in most countries. This is because Canada’s inflation is still high, driven by shelter costs and wage growth. The Bank forecasts a slow economic recovery in 2024 with growth of 0.8%, rising to 2.4% in 2025. Inflation is expected to gradually ease back to the 2% target by 2025. The Bank will maintain its tightening policy until inflation shows sustained decline. There are signs of a housing market recovery but this data is from before the latest interest rate announcement.
  • Canadian home sales are showing signs of recovery with a 3.7% increase in January 2024 compared to December 2023. This follows a similar increase in December. While sales are up, they are still 9% below the 10-year average. Competition among buyers is picking up, but prices are still trending lower in some areas. The number of new listings is also slightly up. Overall, the market seems to be improving but is still working through the weakness of the past two years.
  • The Canadian unemployment rate and job market improved in January 2024. The unemployment rate fell to 5.7%, down from 5.8% in December 2023. This is the first decline since December 2022 and is well below the peak of June 2020. There were also job gains in January, with a record high number of full-time jobs. Immigration continues to add to Canada’s population, with a record number of immigrants in the third quarter of 2023.



The Issuer

QMW Corp.

QMW Corp. (”QMW”) is a development and property management company located in Toronto. QMW owns and operates over 30 properties across the GTA and handles day to day management, construction, landscaping and leasing. The QMW team consist of a group of professionals who take pride in their work and the community impact that it has. Their Current Portfolio is a mix of residential, mixed use and industrial properties.



Born and raised in Toronto, Samuel’s love for Canada is in his blood. At the young age of 24 he acquired his first investment property in midtown Toronto. Under his watch and guidance, the portfolio has grown to over 30 properties in gentrifying areas. Samuel works relentlessly to ensure value for his clients and partners on a daily basis. His determination, patience, and high standards have helped QMW become a recognized leader in the industry. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and advising early-stage start-ups.


With a passion for development and construction since childhood, Avrohom went on to serve as a Property Trust Analyst and Director of Developments for real estate projects across the GTA. Avrohom’s experience in the commercial and residential real estate realms is diverse and well rounded.
Notably, Avrohom has worked in a multitude of roles, he started in the development world as part of the on-site construction team for Emery Investments; he then continued to pursue a career in real estate acquisition and development at Firm Capital for the Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).



The Dealer

Equivesto is on a journey to reimagine how private company investment and fundraising is done in Canada. They believe in a future where access to equity investments and opportunities are not limited by privilege or network. They look to design a tomorrow that is driven on community values and collaboration.

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