Technology is changing the way the world operates and the real estate industry is no exception.

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Our software removes the massive inefficiencies and exorbitant costs associated with managing real estate deals and raising capital.

How it works

Capital for Good

Through the addy Business platform you can choose to raise capital with members, this capital has unique benefits that only addy can provide, enabling our you to easily scale your ESG and DEI initiatives.

When we got engaged with addy, we gave our staff an opportunity to invest through them. I think they were excited to have the opportunity and just see what was going on. We really wanted to get them engaged with the real estate that we’re investing in and give them opportunities.

David Porte / Porte Communities

I love doing things that support a community so it seemed like a natural fit to be able to invest in a building that has a connection to a local community I like!

Lurdes / addy Member

We are excited to be able to invest in this building and benefit from commercial property ownership. The area is nice, we drove around the new housing development beside it, and enjoyed a coffee from our tenant!

Aaron & Amanda / addy Member

Our Issuers

Don’t take it from us, hear from some of the Issuers who have listed opportunities on the addy platform.

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addy Business automates all investment operations (including access to capital) and solves the complexity of real estate asset management

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