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What are the Different Opportunity Types?

Total Asset Value: $797,547,599+

Owned by 790+ Canadians

Owned by 1050+ Canadians

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Invest in Real Estate

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Entering the Real Estate market for as little as a dollar. When I signed up for addy, I had hesitations because it’s an old concept (crowdsourcing) being applied to a big existing industry (real estate).

I wasn’t expecting much and purchased shares on properties I like and at a comfortable amount that won’t be too painful just in case there are loses. It’s a calculated risk.

I’m glad it worked out! I gained 26.22% from the first property that I owned. I got my initial investment back and then some.

It’s nice to see my money working hard for me in real estate – an investment vehicle that used to be only attainable if I have thousands of dollars. Now, I can participate, thanks to addy!

Celine / Trustpilot Review
The Lex profits exceeded expectations. Great investment for real estate. Where can you invest confidently in real estate with as little as 1.00. Amazing!! Most of my investments have been between 1000.00 and 1500.00. I have already seen profits that exceeded the projected maximum profit on the Lex in Vancouver. Great to be associated with such a knowledgeable and energetic team. Keep on bringing these great deals.
K Barnard / Trustpilot Review

addy Member Experience. I’ve been investing with Addy for about a year and a half and it’s been an awesome experience.

Their platform both on iOS and browser are easy to navigate. Communications via email, app, browser, and newsletter are clear and transparent. I’ve reached out to support a few times and each time they’ve been prompt, attentive, and helpful.

I feel confident investing with Addy and as a member I’m excited to see them grow. Accessible investing in real estate is so innovative and it’s exciting to see purpose led development for all looking to invest.

S-BC / Trustpilot Review