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Smart Hotel (26 suites) in Vibing Neighborhood

2048-2050 Rue St. Denis, Montreal, QC

Participate in the ownership of a boutique hotel as it undergoes renovations to become a 26-room smart hotel in the heart of Montreal.

The Plan: Renovate and modernize a 24-room, 3-story Montreal boutique hotel, transforming it across 8 months into a versatile and automated smart hotel. A lounge space will convert into two additional rooms – 26 rooms in total – and every unit will be equipped with a kitchen and laundry designed for short and extended stays.

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*The key numbers to explain how we make this estimate are available within your addy account. Investments in this property are restricted to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec residents. Qualified members can invest from $1 and up to $1,500.

**This is the day when we issue a distribution, or the property exits — aka cash earned from doing zero things, aka #passiveincome. For this property, there is one Owners’ Day projected.

Property Updates

The Reel

2048 Rue St. Denis in Montreal, Quebec is fully funded! Nearly 900 addy members invested in the Montreal property.

addy has just brought Zac Hartley to Montreal to take a look at our latest platform that is going to be available for investment in the next few days. In this video Zac is going to tour the hotel, tell you about the plans and renovations and tell you about why this is such a unique opportunity.

In this video, Jack walks you through how he is going to be buying a 26 unit boutique hotel in the heart of Montreal, Quebec. SPOILER ALERT, it doesn’t take millions of dollars and you can be a part-owner too!

What are some of the pros and cons for the new addy property in Montreal, Quebec? Lindsay of the addy squad highlights some of the things to consider when thinking about investing in 2048 Rue St. Denis.

Join Griffin Milks in Montreal, Quebec to learn about the upcoming addy on the platform, why he uses addy, visit the 2048 Rue St Denis with him and learn how to invest in this property.

The next addy is dropping at 2048 Rue St. Denis in Montreal, Quebec. David Atwell, HoneyTree Grow, gives us a tour of the building. David walks through the building while explaining the rich history and current updates.

Spread of Investors

Estimated Returns

The information presented below represents expected results of a $500,000 maximum offering (subject to increase as the Issuer may from time to time determine) and may not reflect actual results. The expected return (IRR and ROI) based on your investment amount can fluctuate up or down based on many factors. Please review the entirety of the Offering Memorandum and understand the risks stated in “Item 9 – Risks Factors”. You are not liable beyond your investment amount.

the highlights ✨

  • Room renovations and upgrades including adding kitchen, decor and art; touching up paint; installing smart locks and new lighting.
  • Lounge space will convert into two additional rooms, bringing the total up to 26.
  • Suitable for short and extended stays for tourists, students and professionals.
  • Projected to be operational in summer 2022, with additional renovations occurring after.
  • Automated property management system and technological upgrades aim to lower costs.
  • Second property between addy and HoneyTree. Similar plan and location to the smart hotel addy at 874 Sherbrooke Street.
  • Already a licensed hotel establishment with CITQ
  • Terrific location in the heart of a vibrant Canadian city with proximity to institutions, attractions, retail and restaurants.

Near the Property

About Ville-Marie/Central Montreal

  • Ville-Marie is a borough in the center of the city of Montréal, Québec. Primary access to the area is provided via main arterials such as Sherbrooke Street, Maisonneuve Boulevard, Boulevard René-Lévesque and De La Gauchetière Street West.
  • Additionally a number of major highways run through and connect to the area such as Highways 10 and 720. The area is also serviced by a number of forms of public transit such as commuter train, bus and metro.
  • Ville-Marie comprises the main Downtown Core, Old Montréal, and three of Montréal’s four universities: McGill University, concordia University and Université du Québec à Montréal.
  • The Downtown Core in Ville Marie is the main center of employment in Québec, with over 300,000 people working in its vicinity. Office buildings make up the bulk of the Downtown Core, with professional and financial services as the primary employment sectors.
  • Other commercial businesses in the area include restaurants, cinemas, large stores/several malls, and restaurants. There are also many hotels in the area, as well as what is known as the “Quartier des Spectacles,” a known cultural district within the City housing museums, performance halls / theatres as well as outdoor festivals.
  • Walk Score of 96; second most walkable neighbourhod in Montreal.
  • Green spaces includes La Fontaine Park, St. Helen’s Island, Mount Royal Park.
  • Walk or transit to bars, resaturants, museums, Cathedrals and the Bell Centre.
  • Includes popular destinations such as Old Montreal, Gay Village, Latin Quarter, Bell Centre, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal, Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, Barbie Expo, La Grande roue de Montréal and Montreal Science Centre.

Location in Montreal

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Get To Know Montreal, Quebec

  • Montreal; officially Montréal, French: is the second-most populous city in Canada and most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. Founded in 1642 as Ville-Marie, or “City of Mary”, it is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. The city is situated 196 km east of the national capital Ottawa, and 258 km southwest of the provincial capital, Quebec City.
  • Montreal has hosted multiple international conferences and events, including the 1967 International and Universal Exposition and the 1976 Summer Olympics. It is the only Canadian city to have held the Summer Olympics. In 2018, Montreal was ranked as a global city. The city hosts the Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One since 1978, as well as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival in the world, the Just for Laughs festival, the largest comedy festival in the world, and Les Francos de Montréal, which is the largest event devoted exclusively to French-language music anywhere in the world. It is also home to ice hockey team Montreal Canadiens, the franchise with the most Stanley Cup wins.
  • Montreal is in the southwest of the province of Quebec. The city covers most of the Island of Montreal at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. The port of Montreal lies at one end of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the river gateway that stretches from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic.
  • The city of Montreal is world-renowned for in the top 20 most cyclist-friendly cities around the globe. It follows that they have one of the world’s most successful bike share systems in BIXI.

Montreal Residential Market

  • In Feb. 2022, the median price of a single family home was $550,000. That’s a 20% increase since last February and a slight increase from the previous month.
  • Condos were up by 16% to $395,000 compared to last February with a slight increase from the previous month.
  • Sales in February were down 12% since last February. However, sales of properties over $700,000 reached 1,002 in February 2022 compared to 793 in February 2021.
  • Market conditions remain at historically tight levels despite the slowdown in inventory decline, still giving sellers a substantial advantage.
  • Overbidding remains very present in the CMA market, particularly in sectors outside the Island of Montreal. In February, it affected more than 50 per cent of all residential real estate transactions.

About Quebec Residential Market

  • In Feb. 2022, the median single-family home price was $422,000 compared to $335,000 in Feb. 2021, a 26% increase.
  • In Feb. 2022, the median condo home price was $360,000 compared to $300,000 in Feb. 2021, a 20% increase.

Quebec Tourism

  • The Honourable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Sport and Minister responsible for CED, on March 15 announced a non-repayable contribution of $2.6M for Montréal en Histoires. This CED support will enable it to enhance its tourism offering and thereby participate in the economic development and dynamism of a city hit hard by the pandemic.
  • As of March 14, Montreal’s vibrant array of hotels, restaurants, bars, boutiques and malls, museums, theatres, concert and sports venues, popular attractions and more are open at full capacity and ready to serve all comers in a manner that is mindful of safety and security.
  • Bars, nightclubs, restaurants, music venues, casinos, breweries, art galleries, zoos, rec centres, amusement parks and sporting events are open and ready to welcome locals and tourists alike.
  • All international travellers are now eligible to enter Canada if they qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller, regardless of citizenship.
  • In July 2021, Eve Paré, head of the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal, said it may be up to two years may be required for the industry to return to pre-pandemic profit levels — and that’s assuming hoteliers can solve an acute worker shortage on short notice.
  • The levels of Montreal tourism were routinely breaking records prior to the pandemic, the agency said, adding that the tourism industry, particularly business tourism, was one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak and requires continued support if better results are expected for 2022.

General Partner Type

GP Types - Coming Up

Coming Up

These General Partners are new and this may be their first time running a project or have not had any come to completion yet. In many cases, they have experience in a senior-level role in real estate or similar but have recently moved into the General Partner role (Learn more).

Meet The General Partner

874 Sherbrooke - GP - Honey Tree Grow

HoneyTree was founded in 2016 by David Atwell. David was working as an accountant in the film industry after leaving his past life of beekeeping. David quickly became a hit on set as he would bring his homegrown honey to share with the cast and crew.

While working in the film industry. David noticed that many colleagues were self-employed and owned their homes but had no pension or retirement plan. David started by bringing in his close friends and families on some real estate deals and the word spread. From there, HoneyTree was founded in 2016, and he and his partner, Mark Gonneau never looked back!

Dr. Mark Gonneau is an award-winning real estate investor who began investing in real estate at the age of 24 while still a student. Since then, he has invested in various forms of real estate across Canada and abroad.

He has transacted on over $100M of real estate in the past 15 years and was named “Top 10 Investor” in Ontario in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014 & 2015 as well as “Player of the Year” in 2014 by the Real Estate Investment Network.

He is focused on helping professionals and business owners make smarter investing decisions by investing in value-add real estate opportunities.”

The Investment Type

Value-Add Opportunistic Investment Type


Risk profile: 

Moderate to high

Investor type:

For investors willing to take on more risk to achieve high returns and are willing to wait longer before they begin receiving returns for their investment.

What defines the risk level?  

A Value-Add investment often has little to no cash flow at acquisition but has the potential to produce a tremendous amount of cash flow once the value has been added (for example physical upgrades, better management, added services or more effective marketing).

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“It was an easy way to invest some funds in real estate that I would normally not be able to afford on my own. It’s great to be part of something that is creating a new way of investing.”

Klaus / Toronto, ON

“My wife and I are excited to have discovered addy, and invested in a Starbucks location nearby — it’s nice to be able to participate in owning commercial real estate without putting up a bunch of money, and knowing we can drive by it anytime makes it more fun than buying stocks!” 

Shawn / Nanaimo, BC

“This is God sent, if you ask me. A chance to own a slice of commercial properties all over the country. An opportunity I otherwise wouldn’t have had had it not been for addy. I can’t thank addy enough. I eagerly await for addys to drop and with each investment, I know I’m actively improving my financial future.”

Jocelyn Armah / Google Review

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“addy is a great platform that allows individuals to break through into the real estate market without having to deal with lawyers, agents, and most of all the rising housing prices. Most importantly, the addy discord provides a great platform for a diverse community to discuss ideas as it relates to real estate and other financial related topics. I have already learned a lot from the conversations and discussions from the Discord to make better informed investing decisions for my future”

$nitintailor / Toronto, ON

“addy has let me get into a market I never thought I could be in! The community in Discord allows me to be connected to others, receive tips and have fun while making investments right for me! Thank you addy!”

$Wanderlust / Vancouver, BC

“Before breakfast and I already bought into a commercial building in Hamilton. No running around looking at buildings or doing do due diligence. No extra costs. No trips to the lawyers. This is the world’s easiest way to buy real estate.”

$Cameron / Abbotsford, BC

How Do You Make Money?

You can make money in 2 ways:

  1. Sale of the Property: When the property is sold, any appreciation is paid back to investors in addition to their investment principal.
  2. Rental Income: When tenants pay rent, additional cash flow can be passed back to investors in the form of a distribution.

Details are outlined in the Offering Memorandum for each property.