Ground Oriented Rentals
(40 cashflow townhomes)

163 Reunion Loop, Airdrie, AB

Participate in the ownership of 40 two- and three-bedroom townhomes in Airdrie, Alberta, just outside of Calgary.

The Plan: Acquire and hold 40 multifamily townhomes in a growing town in the Calgary Metropolitan Region. With quality management and operations, there is room for value growth across a ten-year period that aims to end with a sale.

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*The key numbers to explain how we make this estimate are available within your addy account. Investments in this property are restricted to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec residents. Qualified members can invest from $1 and up to $1,500.

**This is the day when we issue a distribution, or the property exits — aka cash earned from doing zero things, aka #passiveincome. For this property, there are 40+ Owners’ Day projected.

The Reel

Spread of Investors

Estimated Returns

The information presented below represents expected results of a $652,500 maximum offering (subject to increase as the Issuer may from time to time determine) and may not reflect actual results. The expected return (IRR and ROI) based on your investment amount can fluctuate up or down based on many factors. Please review the entirety of the Offering Memorandum and understand the risks stated in “Item 9 – Risks Factors”. You are not liable beyond your investment amount.

the highlights ✨

  • Comprises 40 multifamily 2- and 3-bedroom townhomes.
  • Townhomes were built in 2019 with modern designs and efficient operation.
  • Stratification allows for the sale of individual units as condos.
  • Part of the Reunion neighbourhood. Population: 1,795. Median age is 32.6.

Near the Property

About Airdrie

  • The City of Airdrie, with a population of 70,594, is located 10 minutes north of Calgary. That’s only a quick 20min drive from the Calgary International Airport
  • Airdrie, AB is named after the town of Airdrie, Scotland. The true origin and the meaning of the word “Airdrie” is a source of great debate among the Scots. Some suggest the name comes from a Gaelic term *Ard Ruith* meaning a level height, high slope or high pasture land. Others say it comes from Aeddam, King of Kintyre, and Rydderych the Bountiful, King of Strathclyde. Still others say it comes from Aird Righ, Gaelic for High King. Despite the debate, it is certain the name is ancient and is one of countless examples of Scottish place names found in southern Alberta. The person responsible for naming Airdrie, Alberta, and the date it was named is also up for discussion. Naming dates range from 1889 to 1893. Some say that Sir William Mackenzie named Airdrie, Alberta in honour of his Scottish roots, while others suggest one of the many Scottish railway workers named the stopping point.
  • 78% of residents are under the age of 50, 35% are between the ages of 25-44. As a growing, family-oriented community, we’re home to many children and preschoolers.
  • The median age in Airdrie is 32.4 compared to Calgary (36.4) and Canada as a whole (40.2) years

Location in Airdrie

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Airdie Residential Market

  • Record high prices were set in Airdrie ($430,600), Okotoks ($522,300), Cochrane ($491,200) and Chestermere ($607,900) in February.
  • Airdrie — the largest of the nearby communities — saw its previous benchmark high set in January at $408,900. In fact, CREB figuresCR show the community has set new benchmark highs every month since June, when it surpassed the previous record set in September 2014 of $383,200.
  • Average sale price in Airdrie for detached homes was 8.3 per cent above the list price; that’s compared to Calgary’s 4.9 per cent above the list price.”
  • One upside for buyers, however, is Airdrie set an all-time record for new listings last month at 385, up from 338 set in April last year, which could help ease its supply crunch, Lurie adds.
  • Much like Calgary, demand in Airdrie is being partially fuelled by out-of-province buyers.
  • “The last time we saw these tight conditions in the region was in 2005 and 2006 — the last big boom in Alberta” – chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie with the Calgary Real Estate Board.
  • Airdrie had 362 sales in March 2022, the second-highest, beat out by Calgary. Airdrie’s sales made up 7 per cent of total sales for the month in the region. While the benchmark price was $473,400, the average price for a home in Airdrie was $503,017. When asked if these prices might indicate a sudden bubble bursting in real estate, Lurie said there are several factors that should be considered.
  • Housing supply is exceptionally low in the Calgary real estate market, according to the latest data from the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB). CREB figures show that active residential listings tumbled at an annualized rate of 20.4 per cent, totalling 3,600 units in February.This is the **lowest level since 2006**.
  • The average residential sale price climbed 16.1 per centyear-over-year to $499,400. All property types recorded gains inFebruary:
    • Detached: +18.9% to $596,400
    • Semi-Detached: +15.8% to $461,400
    • Row: +13.2% to $321,100
    • Apartment: +4.6% to $257,500
  • The unadjusted benchmark price is now $518,600, up by almost $55,000 since December, and 18 per cent higher over March 2021.
  • The CMHC report notes the average monthly rent was $1,523 for a two-bedroom condominium on the secondary market in 2021. By comparison, the average rent of a purpose-built two-bedroom, purpose-built rental unit was $1,355 a month.
  • “All in all, rental supply grew by over six per cent in 2021, which is fairly high above average compared with previous years, but at the same time vacancy dropped by 1.5 per cent so there is definitely rental demand coming back,” – senior analyst Michael Mak with CMHC.

About Alberta Tourism

  • Alberta tourism industry went from generating $8.2 billion pre-pandemic to a low of $4.7 billion when there were strict public health measures in place. It is expected to rebound somewhat this year, bringing in about $5.2 billion.

General Partner Type

GP Types - OG


These General Partners have 10+ years of experience and/or have owned and operated real estate in excess of $80M+ in asset value. These partners are seasoned in the industry and have a track record of successfully managing large-scale real estate projects (Learn more).

Meet The General Partner

The company was founded in 1968 by Hershey Porte. By putting his own name on it, Hershey was signalling that he intended to build the company with hard work and integrity.

In the decades that followed, Porte did just that by growing the company considerably to include residential and commercial property management and real estate development.

It’s this multi-faceted experience in so many areas of the real estate industry that has allowed us to thrive through countless market cycles, trends and business environments.

Over the years, we’ve also discovered that we’re really in the business of developing communities and enriching lives.

You’ll find that spirit in our award-winning developments, our extraordinary charitable work and in every employee who proudly calls Porte their place of work. When people feel this good about doing their job, amazing things happen.

Over the years Porte has developed a set of fundamental beliefs. These beliefs when put into action have formed the promises that we make and live by every day.

The Investment Type

Core Plus Opportunistic Investment Type

Core Plus

Risk profile: 

Low to moderate

Investor type:

For investors looking for little risk with some upside.

What defines the risk level?  

A Core Plus investment can typically increase cash flows through light property improvements, management efficiencies or by increasing the quality of the tenants. Similar to core properties, these properties tend to be of high-quality and well-occupied.

What our members are saying

“It was an easy way to invest some funds in real estate that I would normally not be able to afford on my own. It’s great to be part of something that is creating a new way of investing.”

Klaus / Toronto, ON

“My wife and I are excited to have discovered addy, and invested in a Starbucks location nearby — it’s nice to be able to participate in owning commercial real estate without putting up a bunch of money, and knowing we can drive by it anytime makes it more fun than buying stocks!” 

Shawn / Nanaimo, BC

“This is God sent, if you ask me. A chance to own a slice of commercial properties all over the country. An opportunity I otherwise wouldn’t have had had it not been for addy. I can’t thank addy enough. I eagerly await for addys to drop and with each investment, I know I’m actively improving my financial future.”

Jocelyn Armah / Google Review

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“addy is a great platform that allows individuals to break through into the real estate market without having to deal with lawyers, agents, and most of all the rising housing prices. Most importantly, the addy discord provides a great platform for a diverse community to discuss ideas as it relates to real estate and other financial related topics. I have already learned a lot from the conversations and discussions from the Discord to make better informed investing decisions for my future”

$nitintailor / Toronto, ON

“addy has let me get into a market I never thought I could be in! The community in Discord allows me to be connected to others, receive tips and have fun while making investments right for me! Thank you addy!”

$Wanderlust / Vancouver, BC

“Before breakfast and I already bought into a commercial building in Hamilton. No running around looking at buildings or doing do due diligence. No extra costs. No trips to the lawyers. This is the world’s easiest way to buy real estate.”

$Cameron / Abbotsford, BC

How Do You Make Money?

You can make money in 2 ways:

  1. Sale of the Property: When the property is sold, any appreciation is paid back to investors in addition to their investment principal.
  2. Rental Income: When tenants pay rent, additional cash flow can be passed back to investors in the form of a distribution.

Details are outlined in the Offering Memorandum for each property.