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Apex on Perkins

1822 N Perkins Rd Stillwater, OK 74075

This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a 234 unit & 732 bed student housing community located adjacent to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The Plan: Take advantage of an asset already going through renovation and with the addition of smart technology implemented throughout. Students can control their units through their mobile phones. Additional communal spaces are also expected to be added such as an outdoor lounge, hammock garden, fire pit, and a dog park.

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5 YEars


A note on taxes: The Issuer will provide a T5013 in any calendar year where there are distributions. Click here for info on what a T5013 is.  There are no US tax implications, see here for details.

*The key numbers to explain how we make this estimate are available within your addy account. Investments in this property are restricted to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents. 

**This is the day when the Issuer completes a distribution, or the property exits — aka cash earned from doing zero things, aka #passiveincome. For this property, there are twenty Owners’ Day projected.

Passive Cash Payouts already scheduled

Passive cash payouts for 2024 are scheduled in January, April, July, and October.

The expected cash on cash return through distributions for 2024 is expected to be 7.62% annualized.

Depending on your investment, here’s what you can expect annually:

  • $500 investment: $38.09
  • $2500 investment: $190.44
  • $10,000 investment: $761.77

This means that if you invest $500, you’ll receive around $38.09 (7.6%) passive cash for the year, PLUS still enjoy the capital appreciation and active rent increases (+19% estimated) as the renovations complete.

Ways to Payout

When evaluating commercial real estate deals there are 5 primary ways an investment pays out: Cash Flow, Passive Appreciation, Mortgage Paydown, Active Appreciation, and Levered Returns on Equity. Learn more about these factors here.

Things to note about this property:

  • The estimated passive cashflow (or distribution) is 7.6%
  • There is no mortgage paydown as the debt is interest only but being interest only allows the debt payment to be much lower which allows for higher distributions
  • The mortgage rate is 5.25% which is quite a bit lower than what it would cost if the property were to be financed today
  • The GP is making renovations to the units and that is expected to increase net operating income by 19%, the property is expected to appreciate by a similar amount assuming a 6.05% cap rate.
  • The property value has gone up by an estimated $4,560,000 and equity is $7,602,321, so return on equity is around 60%. The issuer is offering units in the property at 2022 evaluation.

Recent updates

the highlights

  • The property is located 1.8 miles from Oklahoma State University which is a five minute drive to campus and provides easy access to Downtown Stillwater.
  • The property amenities include a resort-style swimming pool with a cabana, spa, fitness center, a clubhouse/leasing office, computer room, billiards table, volleyball court, movie theatre, basketball court, study rooms, and is on the OSU shuttle bus line.

The Reel

The Gram

Location in Oklahoma

1822 N Perkins Rd Stillwater, Oklahoma - Map

Click here to view location on Google Maps

About Stillwater

About Neighbourhood

  • A Power 5 university, Oklahoma State University is among the elite in college football. The Power 5 conferences are part of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of NCAA Division I, the highest level of American collegiate football.
  • USA Today College named Stillwater one of the 25 best small college towns in the country
  • Located only 60 miles from Oklahoma City and Tulsa

About the Real Estate Market

💡 In Oklahoma State University, off-campus student housing properties are currently 98.4% occupied with no beds scheduled for delivery.

Rent has grown 6% above current in-place rents since August 2020, demonstrating a continually increasing demand for off-campus student housing.

The Issuer

Apex Student Living is a national development, construction and property management firm based in Connecticut. With 30 years of industry experience, we operate in a wide range of diverse market segments, including a myriad of both residential, student housing and commercial properties.

Our portfolio value is estimated to exceed $250 million and continues to expand every year. With a focus on continuous expansion, our nationwide portfolio encompasses over 800 student housing beds and over 1M square feet of commercial space.

Our experience spans over several different niches, from specialized redevelopments and conversions, to specially tailored ground-up construction and delivering highly focused property management . We have made it our mission to create the most significant and positive impact for our partners, clients and communities.

The Dealer

Investing in crowdfunding and exempt market offerings has significant risk. Investors may not be able to resell their securities quickly or at all and the securities may be subject to resale restrictions. These investment opportunities may result in the loss of all or most of your investment. You may receive limited ongoing information about a company or an investment made through Atlas One. Please be aware that investments offered by third-parties through this Atlas One operated Platform are risky. These investment opportunities may result in the loss of all or most of your investment. You may receive limited ongoing information about a company or an investment made through Atlas One.

This Offering has the following investment profile, which may not be aligned with your own circumstances

  • Risk tolerance/capacity: High Risk
  • Investment time horizon: 5 years
  • Investment Objective: Growth
  • Investment knowledge/experience required: Fair/Moderate

Due Diligence

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How Do I Make Money?

You can make money in 2 ways:

  1. Sale of the Property: When the property is sold, any appreciation is paid back to investors in addition to their investment principal.
  2. Rental Income: When tenants pay rent, additional cash flow can be passed back to investors in the form of a distribution.

Details are outlined in the Offering Documents for each property.