Clearview on the Park

2 Greentree Court, Toronto, ON

The opportunity is to invest in the ownership of a four story, 115-unit apartment complex in the York region of Toronto. The property consists of 3 buildings with 35 Bachelor, 61 One-Bedroom, and 19 Two-Bedroom units.

The Plan: Implement a full capital expenditure program consisting of low cost, high yield targeted renovations to the common areas and individual units, including upgrades to hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

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*The key numbers to explain how we make this estimate are available within your addy account. Investments in this property are restricted to British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario residents. Qualified members can invest from $1 and up to $1,500. Accredited Members can potentially invest more. 

**These are the days when we issue a distribution, or the property exits — aka cash earned from doing zero things, aka #passiveincome. For this property, there are two Owners’ Day projected, one at refinancing and one when it exits.

Estimated Returns

Estimated IRR - Clearview

The information presented above represents expected results of a $1,000,000 maximum offering (subject to increase as the Issuer may from time to time determine) and may not reflect actual results. The expected return (IRR and ROI) based on your investment amount can fluctuate up or down based on many factors. Please review the entirety of the Offering Memorandum and understand the risks stated in “Item 9 – Risks Factors”. You are not liable beyond your investment amount.

The Reel

The Gram

the highlights ✨

  • 115 apartments across 3 buildings
  • A diverse mix of 35 Bachelor, 61 One-Bedroom, and 19 Two-Bedroom units.
  • A park and school are across the street from the property
  • Convenient access to downtown Toronto and midtown Toronto, and is served by bus routes.
  • There is also a new LRT being constructed within walking distance of the property that aims to open in late 2022.
  • Currently the average rent in the buildings is $1,064 compared to the market rent of $1,488 per the appraisal, providing for upward potential.

Why We like this property

Clearview on the Park - 3D Map

Well Located

The first rule of real estate investment is Location Location Location — and that applies regardless of whether you’re planning to live or invest in the property. Much of what makes Clearview on the Park a unique investment opportunity is its on a park and has superior accessibility— close to The Eglinton LRT, Highways 400 & 401 provide connections to all corners of the GTA, it’s a 15-minute drive to the airport, an 11-minute drive to Yorkdale Shopping Centre and a 10-minute walk to York Recreation Centre.

Near The York Recreation Centre

Opened in early 2017, the state-of-the-art York Recreation Centre is only 900m from Clearview on the Park. Residents can take advantage of the free programming the facility offers; in aquatics, arts, camps, fitness and sports. The fully accessible, 67,000 SF centre is a vibrant space that acts as a catalyst for social, environmental, and urban growth for the area. The facility includes a six-lane, 25-metre pool, a double gymnasium, fitness studio, weight room, indoor walking and running track, five multi-purpose rooms and a green roof.

Vibrant Beechborough-Greenbook Neighbourhood

Beechborough-Greenbrook features an abundance of recreational and community facilities. Keelesdale Park is an 8.5-hectare park located steps away from Clearview on the Park and is home to an amphitheatre, multiple sports facilities and scenic trails. Clearview on the Park is conveniently surrounded by a diverse array of shops, services and amenities. Notable amenities in the area are grocery stores, fitness facilities, pharmacies, coffee shops and local eateries. There are eleven public and catholic schools in the Beechborough-Greenbrook neighbourhood. Notable schools in the area are the York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Charles E. Webster Junior and Immaculate Conception Catholic School. Additionally, York Adult Day School and George Harvey Collegiate Institute allow access for a wide age range of students to access an educational experience.

On the map

Clearview on the Park Map

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  • As North America’s fourth largest metropolitan area, Toronto remains world renowned as a place of stability, diversity and prosperity, in addition to maintaining a ferocious pace towards becoming one of the financial capitals of the world.
  • The City of Toronto is located on the northwestern shores of Lake Ontario, approximately 130 kilometres northeast of the Niagara Falls United States border. At the core of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), is an amalgamation of five local regions Toronto, Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. The region covers approximately 7,124 square kilometres of prime lowland ground across Southern Ontario. As of 2016, Toronto’s population stood at approximately 2.73 million persons and is projected to grow by approximately 16% to 3.17 million persons by 2021. Toronto’s location provides exceptional access characteristics, offering direct connectivity to the major surrounding markets of the GTA and beyond.

Urban Toronto

  • Toronto’s urban atmosphere and accessibility to various nodes within the city via public transit has made the city an attractive place to reside. As an established occupational hub, and with two large universities located in the downtown core, Toronto has appealed to both the professional and student communities.
  • Consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Canada, the University of Toronto is the largest educational institution in the city with two campuses in Toronto and one in Mississauga. Enrollment for undergraduate and graduate programs within their Toronto campuses totaled approximately 71,200 and 18,340 respectively in 2018, with approximately 21% of current students drawn to the city from international markets. Additionally, Ryerson University adds an additional 43,000 students to Toronto’s student population, totaling over 130,000 students between the two schools.
  • As Toronto’s population increases, a greater emphasis has been placed on high density housing close to public transit routes to avoid traffic congestion and reduce travel times within the city. With the continuous demand for high density housing, a noticeable increase in investment from local and foreign investors has prevailed within the area.

Rental Analysis

  • The urban rental market within the GTA has been stressed for the past 30 years. The relative lack of new construction has been offset by the introduction of almost 300,000 condo rental units since 2000. While condo rental suites have helped in alleviating pent-up rental demand in recent years, supply constraints continue to significantly impact the rental market. International and interprovincial migration, due to quality employment opportunities, has contributed to the rapid increase in rental rates that Toronto is currently experiencing. Furthermore, law changes requiring borrowers to meet more stringent loan requirements has prevented prospect homeowners from obtaining financing, thus keeping them within the rental realm. With few purpose-built rental developments approaching completion over the short-term horizon, the fundamentals in play will continue to drive rental rates for the foreseeable future.
  • Properties in Midtown Toronto have been highly sought-after for many years. The ability to enjoy city life without being directly in the hustle and bustle is what attracts so many renters to the area, alongside historically cheaper rental rates when compared to the city center. The proximity to downtown Toronto and its surrounding areas is unmatched when comparing Midtown to the rest of the Toronto. The upcoming Eglinton LRT will further bolster the attractiveness of the immediate area by providing unparalleled city-wide connectivity

*Data provided by the General Partner’s Investor Deck

General Partner Type

GP Types - Coming Up

Coming Up

These General Partners are new and this may be their first time running a project or have not had any come to completion yet. In many cases, they have experience in a senior-level role in real estate or similar but have recently moved into the General Partner role (Learn more).

Meet the General Partner

QMW Logo - General Partner
Samuel Werner, CEO

Born and raised in Toronto, Samuel’s love for Canada is in his blood. At the young age of 24 he acquired his first investment property in midtown Toronto. Under his watch and guidance, the portfolio has grown to over 30 properties in gentrifying areas. Samuel works relentlessly to ensure value for his clients and partners on a daily basis. His determination, patience, and high standards have helped QMW become a recognized leader in the industry. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and advising early-stage start-ups.

Avrohom Marder, President

With a passion for development and construction since childhood, Avrohom went on to serve as a Property Trust Analyst and Director of Developments for real estate projects across the GTA. Avrohom’s experience in the commercial and residential real estate realms is diverse and well rounded.

Notably, Avrohom has worked in a multitude of roles, he started in the development world as part of the on-site construction team for Emery Investments; he then continued to pursue a career in real estate acquisition and development at Firm Capital for the Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

The Investment Type

Value-Add Opportunistic Investment Type


Risk profile: 

Moderate to high

Investor type:

For investors willing to take on more risk to achieve high returns and are willing to wait longer before they begin receiving returns for their investment.

What defines the risk level?  

A Value-Add investment often has little to no cash flow at acquisition but has the potential to produce a tremendous amount of cash flow once the value has been added (for example physical upgrades, better management, added services or more effective marketing).

The Community investment committee

Purchase decisions are made collectively by our community investment committee and our Board of Directors which has a track record of investing in and managing real estate (learn more here). The Investment Committee for this property includes:

Tri Quach Headshot

Tri Quach

Rental demand by millennials continue to create an extremely tight supply of housing in Toronto that only rivals Vancouver. Multi-family residential rental assets in sub-markets through the GTA will continue to provide the best investment opportunities for the next 5-10 years.
Cameron Rogers


In the last 5 years this property doubled in value as the owners renovated units and raised rents. The current average rents are still about 40% under market so there is significant upside to us as owners in continuing a program of property and management improvement. This property is similar in size, age, location, and business plan to the Wingreen apartment portfolio addy investors bought into a few months ago. If you liked that deal, or you missed it, this is your chance to participate in improving the housing stock in the Northern part of Toronto.


Toronto will continue to be an investment gem within North America. Re-opening of immigration will form housing needs in the GTR, and will lend to these value-add opportunities to be in strong demand both from a rental and sale perspective.

Ready to Invest?

Before making an investment decision you’ll be able to review the following documents on this property:

  • Offering Memorandum
  • Appraisal
  • Phase 2 ESA
  • Investor Deck
  • Certificate of Property Use.

Buzz from members on Discord

$1 million issuance will give people a chance to buy without panicking it will sell out in the first hour! All previous addys have been 2-5 year timelines (mostly 5). This one is unique though as they project most of the money returned in year 3 in a refinancing. Then maybe even some cashflow until year 7 when the plan is to sell out. 5 year commercial mortgages are the most common, which is a reason these things go in 5 year cycles.

$Cameron / Nov. 17, 2021

I have been there before on the Dundas! I have a habit of holding 1k in the wallet (no bank fees eroding the saving there). If the upcoming addy checks all the boxes for me then I top up with the 500 CAD member privilege. Seems to be working well to date.

$Outdoorfinance / Nov. 19, 2021

Will be interesting to see how it goes. Big fan of addy, so nothing but love. Half a milly to go, so will need some newbies and/or accredited investors … or bump up the $1500 limit! Kudos to the addy team and their partners.

$Bmoney / Nov. 19, 2021

How Do You Make Money?

You can make money in 2 ways:

  1. Sale of the Property: When the property is sold, any appreciation is paid back to investors in addition to their investment principal.
  2. Rental Income: When tenants pay rent, additional cash flow can be passed back to investors in the form of a distribution.

Details are outlined in the Offering Memorandum for each property.