Purpose-Built Rental Development Opportunity in Mission, BC

7288 Maple Street, Mission, BC

6-storey, 105-Unit Purpose-Built Rental Development in BC’s Booming Fraser Valley.

The Plan: Develop and construct a 6-storey, 105-unit apartment building that speaks to the past, present and future of Mission, B.C. The building seeks to address the rental needs of the city and generate income. It will feature elements to honor Mission’s heritage, industrial character and historic ties to railway.

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*The key numbers to explain how we make this estimate are available within your addy account. Investments in this property are restricted to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec residents. Qualified members can invest from $1 and up to $1,500.

**This is the day when we issue a distribution, or the property exits — aka cash earned from doing zero things, aka #passiveincome. For this property, an annual Owner’s Day starting in approximately late 2023 is projected.

The Reel

What are some of the pros and cons about the new addy property at 7288 Maple Street in Mission, BC? Nick of the addy squad highlights some of the things to consider when thinking about investing in the 7288 Maple Street property.

addy members have another chance to invest in the Maple View Heights Apartments in Mission, BC. This video highlights the plan, investment type, and other new details regarding this addy. It features the walk, bike, and transit scores for the neighbourhood.

Spread of Investors

Estimated Returns

The information presented below represents expected results of a $500,000 maximum offering (subject to increase as the Issuer may from time to time determine) and may not reflect actual results. The expected return (IRR and ROI) based on your investment amount can fluctuate up or down based on many factors. Please review the entirety of the Offering Memorandum and understand the risks stated in “Item 9 – Risks Factors”. You are not liable beyond your investment amount.

7288 Mapleview - Returns Table

the highlights ✨

  • The project has been significantly de-risked relative to 5 months ago when addy launched the first offering.
  • The Stream team and partners have recent relevant experience in this type of property such as completing a 60-unit rental project in Abbotsford in 2020.
  • New issuance is for the entire 12 years (2 years construction plus 10 years of operations of the property) – there is opportunity for yearly distributions projected to start in late 2023. Longer term means more distributions!
  • Adjacent parcel of vacant land has been acquired as potential Phase 2.
  • The four-storey facade along the two main streets employs modern white forms clad in fiber cement panels grounded at the base with warm brick, as well adding a cedar milled fibre cement plank in a warm ash colour taking a cue from the brick-cladded buildings of the adjacent historic downtown core.
  • Landscape and architectural design development will further emphasize the site’s historical and current connections to railway and industry, which continue to shape the city of Mission today.
  • 1.08-acre development site located at View Avenue and Maple Street in Mission, BC. 81% of the construction budget is now firm with sub-trades under signed contract.
  • Site is 900 metres (15 min walk) from West Coast Express/Mission City Station
  • The site is well-located on Highway 7 just west of downtown Mission, 64-kilometres east of the City of Vancouver and 8-kilometres north of the City of Abbotsford
  • Upon completion, Maple View Heights Apartments will add 94 market rental dwelling units and 11 affordable rental dwelling units to Mission’s housing stock
  • 111 Parking stalls and 82 bicycle stalls. It features a suite mix of 7 Studios, 33 One Beds, 29 One Beds + Den, 2 Two Beds, 24 Two Beds + Den, 8 Three Beds, 2 Three Beds + Den.
  • The proposed development incorporates large contiguous outdoor amenity areas that are easily accessible to all residents.

Near the Property

About Mission, BC

  • Mission is one of the fastest-growing cities in Western Canada
  • The City of Mission is nestled on a southern coastal mountain slope, overlooking the lush valley of the mighty Fraser River. Founded in 1892, Mission, BC was originally inhabited by the Stó:lō First Nations people.
  • Mission is just a 15-minute drive from the US border, and approximately 70 kilometres east of the City of Vancouver.
  • It is the site of Canada’s first train robbery, B.C.’s first rail link to the United States, one of the earliest Hydroelectric dams and Fraser River bridges, and is home to the oldest known First Nations’ archaeological site in British Columbia.
  • Housing affordability is a critical issue in Mission. High housing costs relative to income, historically low vacancy rates and lack of adequate supply of new housing are some of the contributing factors to why many residents struggle to secure and maintain housing.
  • Mission is referred to by some as “the jewel in the valley.”
  • The trend for the area is expected to be one of continual improvement as servicing is provided and more properties undergo development.
  • Mission May 2020: Rental Vacancy: 1.6%. Rental Health: Constrained.
  • The official flower is the Caitlin Rhododendron

Location in Mission

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Get To Know Mission, BC

  • Mission, BC is situated on the north bank of the Fraser River, backing onto mountains and lakes overlooking the Central Fraser Valley 80 km (50 mi) southeast of Vancouver. Unlike the other Fraser Valley municipalities, Mission is mostly forested upland with only small floodplains lining the shore of the Fraser River.
  • Over 40% of Mission is actually tree farm, making it only one of two communities with municipal tree farms. Mission’s tree farm celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008.
  • Historically, forestry, hydroelectricity and agriculture were Mission’s chief resource sectors and provided the basis for varied related retail and service activities. In recent history, transportation improvements have enabled the manufacturing sector to expand beyond sawmilling and food processing.
  • The Fraser near Mission is for the most part undeveloped and unspoiled which makes Mission the launch point for many water based activities that happen year round. Boat tours run from Mission’s docks on Harbour Avenue, which are also home to sport and commercial fishing vessels; the Fraser has famous salmon runs and population of green sturgeon.

BC Residential Market

  • Overall property sales – still the third highest ever for January – cooled compared to December while the volume of new listings improved significantly.
  • The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board processed a total of 1,310 sales of all property types on its Multiple Listing Service in January 2022, a decrease of 23.7 per cent compared to January 2021, and 27.5 per cent lower compared to December 2021.
  • Single Family Detached: At $1,569,300, the Benchmark price for an FVREB single-family detached home increased 4.6 per cent compared to December 2021 and increased 41.8 per cent compared to January 2021.
  • Townhomes: At $796,500, the Benchmark price for an FVREB townhome increased 4.0 per cent compared to December 2021 and increased 37.2 per cent compared to January 2021.
  • Apartments: At $574,300, the Benchmark price for an FVREB apartment/condo increased 4.6 per cent compared to December 2021 and increased 30.6 per cent compared to January 2021.
  • The Fraser Valley is experiencing a record-setting housing boom as people opt to move from central urban cores to suburban locations and work from home in a larger space for the same or less money. Mission (pop. 38,833) is one of the fastest-growing cities in Western Canada with an average annual growth rate of 2.2% over the past five years, versus the provincial average of 1.8%. Yet, there is a limited inventory of rental units – just 445 in 2019 with an overall vacancy rate of 0.2% – one of the lowest rates in Metro Vancouver.
  • British Columbia has grown rapidly and continues to experience positive net migration; however, our construction of new rental housing stock has not kept pace. Increased demand for rental units due to our lowest unemployment rate, growth in Vancouver’s tech sector, and international and inter-provincial movement have caused a massive shortage of housing.

BC Tourism

  • As of October 13th, 2021, 81% of British Columbians intend to travel overnight in BC within the next year.
  • Vancouver, Coast and Mountains is the most visited region by British Columbians (40%), followed by Thompson Okanagan (29%) and Vancouver Island (27%).
  • Measured quarterly, reported travel in the October December 2021 time period is lower versus the three months before (July – September 2021) which is likely in large part due to expected seasonal variations. Relative to the same time last year, travel to all destinations was significantly stronger, signalling increased confidence in travel since 2020 . This may in part due to less stringent health and travel restrictions compared to this same time period in 2020.
  • Compared to the same period in 2020, BC residents overnight trips within the province increased +9 points to 34%, trips to other provinces increased +7 points to 12%, trips to the US increased +4 points to 6%, and trips to other countries increased +3 points to 4%.
  • B.C. is known for its spectacular national and provincial parks. The breathtaking scenery and inspiring natural surroundings in our parks provide the perfect setting for tuning into nature, learning about it, appreciating it and respecting it.

General Partner Type

GP Types - OG


These General Partners have 10+ years of experience and/or have owned and operated real estate in excess of $80M+ in asset value. These partners are seasoned in the industry and have a track record of successfully managing large-scale real estate projects (Learn more).

Meet The General Partner

Stream Property Partners Inc. is a commercial real estate investment and development firm based in North Vancouver, BC. They sponsor high-quality, private equity investment opportunities available exclusively to qualified investors. They are commercial real estate experts, grounded in a tradition of hard work, exceptional client service and a pragmatic investment philosophy driven by market fundamentals and data analytics. Stream seeks partnerships with like-minded investors, lenders, realtors and private equity firms in Western Canada.

The Investment Type

Investment Type - Opportunistic


Risk profile: 


Investor type:

For investors willing to take on the most complicated projects and that may not see a return on their investment for three or more years.

What defines the risk level?  

An Opportunistic investment often has little to no cash flow at acquisition but has the potential to produce a tremendous amount of cash flow once the value has been added. Examples include developments, acquiring an empty building, land development and repositioning a building from one use to another.

The Community Investment Committee

Purchase decisions are made collectively by our community investment committee and our Board of Directors which has a track record of investing in and managing real estate (learn more here). The Investment Committee for this property includes:

Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers

Mission continues to see strong population growth with no end in sight. The relatively affordable housing, fantastic outdoor recreation, full range of services, and ready access to commuter rail are all draws. This concrete construction rental building is well-positioned with quick access to daily shopping and services, the West Coast Express, and is half a block off Hwy 7 as well as close to Abbotsford- Mission bridge.

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Tri Quach

This is the second leg of your investment that is sure to provide a steady income stream.

Andrew Gaucher


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How Do You Make Money?

You can make money in 2 ways:

  1. Sale of the Property: When the property is sold, any appreciation is paid back to investors in addition to their investment principal.
  2. Rental Income: When tenants pay rent, additional cash flow can be passed back to investors in the form of a distribution.

Details are outlined in the Offering Memorandum for each property.