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RealtyMogul for Canada?

addy name and colour on one half with RealtyMogul and its logo on the other separated by scales of justice

Previously inaccessible to all but the wealthiest of individuals, investment opportunities in commercial real estate now abound. Numerous platforms offer investors of all wallet sizes and knowledge bases to become an owner. One such platform is RealtyMogul, a U.S.-based company providing opportunities in commercial real estate. On the surface, it sounds a bit familiar to […]

addy vs. LendingLoop

LendingLoop and addy logos sit on either side of a scale that lends towards addy

There are countless ways to invest earned money to set yourself up for some passive income, whether you’re looking for some funds in the short term or arranging long term cash flow. Many opportunities to make money, however, require already having a substantial amount of money. To paraphrase an old age: you need to have […]

addy vs. goPeer

Logos for addy and goPeer on either side of an emoji woman shrugginer her shoulders

With myriad ways to invest in real estate, Canadians looking to earn passive income have more options than ever before. While addy seeks to break down real estate barriers by making investing simple and accessible through crowdfunding, other platforms use different means to allow people to invest. One such company is goPeer, a Canadian lending […]

addy vs. NexusCrowd

Logos for addy and NexusCrowd sit on eithe side of a scale

It’s never been easier to invest in real estate online, with a wealth of platforms available that aim to increase the size of your bank account through this popular asset class. addy aims to make real estate for everyone by breaking down traditional barriers to investing. We’re not the only ones in the market as […]

Roofstock for Canada?

an arrow with the words "addy" points in one direction and another arrow with the words "roofstock" points in another

The ever-growing world of online real estate investments in Canada and the United States means there are plenty of opportunities to make some passive income. Finding the right platform, however, isn’t necessarily easy. addy believes in real estate for everyone, making investing in institutional grade commercial real estate simple and accessible. Crowdfunding real estate with […]

Groundfloor for Canada?

Map of Canada with the words Groundfloor across joined by a set of eyes and a magnifiying glass

With so many companies opening up new avenues to investing, it can be difficult to figure out which platform is the best for your risk appetite, financial acumen and investment goals. Among the more notable outfits is Groundfloor, which allows investors to help fund properties and hopefully net a return. We’ll take a look at […]

CrowdStreet for Canada?

The world of online real estate investment affords plenty of opportunities for those looking to make some passive income, but not every platform is created equal. CrowdStreet has established itself as a major player in the world of crowdfunding real estate, but how does it compare to and differ from addy? And which one is […]

addy vs. BuyProperly

With multiple avenues for people to invest in real estate online, it can be hard to figure out which path makes the most sense. Hidden fees, high investment minimums and complex jargon make what could be a simple process into something far more complicated and less lucrative. addy believes in real estate for everyone, aiming […]

addy vs. Willow

The world of crowdfunded real estate is getting, well, crowded, and addy isn’t the only player on the block. Here’s a look at Toronto-based property investment newcomer Willow and how they stack up against addy. How it works Property for the People vs. Real Estate for Everyone Willow uses a mechanism they call PropSharing to […]